Day 2 Purging Tips – Holiday Decorations

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Thanks for returning for Day 2 of the  31 Days of 10-minute Purging Tips Challenge.  Yesterday we purged gift wrap and supplies. Today we’re going to work on purging holiday decorations. Our goal is to clear clutter and eliminate things we don’t need from our lives and home so that we can more fully enjoy life. Since we have to put holiday decorations away, now is the perfect time to look through our decorations and see what we want to keep and what needs to be purged. 

You may still have your Christmas and winter decorations out right now. If you don’t, pick one box of decorations from your storage area to go through.

Grab the free Purging Clutter Checklist and  the 6 purging bags you created earlier. Now, let’s look through holiday decorations and determine what you want to keep and what it’s time to let go of. Be prepared that it can be difficult purging holiday decorations because they often hold precious memories. The thing to keep in mind is that your precious memories will always be with you. You don’t have to keep the item to keep and treasure the memories. Try taking a photo of the item that you’re having difficulty letting go of. You can keep the photo and let the item itself go. 

Set your timer and let’s go.

Clearing Clutter – Purging Tips for Holiday Decorations

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Walk Around Your House or Take Everything Out of the Box You Chose- Keep in mind we’re doing this in 10 minutes. Only take out as much as you can go through in that time. 

Evaluate – Place items into categories:

I love it and it works – I’m keeping it. 

I love it but it doesn’t work for me – You can take a picture of the item if that will help you be able to purge it. The photo can help you hold onto the memory of the item if you’re having a difficult time letting it go.

It’s broken – I need to repair the item or throw it away.

I’m giving it to someone else – I need to give it to a specific person or donate it.

Purge – Remove items you don’t need to keep and place them in one of your 5 purging bags. 

Put Everything Away – Put the items you’ve decided to keep back away.

Once you’ve purged your holiday decorations you’ll find my tips on un-decorating Christmas decorations helpful in packing away your decorations.

closeup of Christmas decorations on a tree with title text overlay reading How to Pack Christmas Decorations for Free

These tips on how to pack Christmas decorations for free will help you save money.

plastic decoration containers stacked with title text reading Pack Your Decorations to Survive a Military Move

These tips for packing Christmas decorations to survive a military move  have worked for my family for our 20+ moves.

plastic tubs stacked holding Christmas decorations with title text reading Store your Decorations to Survive a Military Move

I’ve stored our decorations in over 20 different homes and have found that these tips to store your decorations to survive a military move useful.

Purging holiday decorations can be a time consuming task. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel that you made much headway in purging today. Give yourself credit for what you did accomplish today and use today’s 31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips to motivate you to continue purging holiday decorations.

Get your own free copy of my Clear Clutter Now ebook.

Join me tomorrow with your free Purging Clutter Checklist  for another 10-minute purging task. If you’re excited to keep tackling clutter, you can find all of the 31 days of 10-Minute Purging tasks and get to work.

Be sure to pin for later so you can always find these tips to declutter holiday decorations.

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  1. I am so glad you posted this. I am just now packing up my ornaments and I needed some help getting them organized.

    1. I hope these tips are helpful. Take time to enjoy packing up the memories for next year and try not to get down in it being a chore.

  2. This is really smart! I have already put up my Christmas decorations, but I know there are many in there that I’m ready to get rid of. I am definitely doing this next year when I pull out my tree and decorations.

    1. Wow, Andrea! You’re are one busy mama. Hope these tips help next time you’re putting away Christmas decorations.

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