Our Moveable Garden

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Because we move every couple of years with the military, we’ve never really put much effort into our gardens. We maintain whatever comes with the house, but never put our own mark on the garden.

Last year my son, T., had a wonderful teacher, Mr. C.,  that shared his passion for the environment with his students.  Mr. C. gave each student a sapling last May to plant in their yards.  T. also dug up a tree while on a nature hike with Mr. C. in an area that was about to be bulldozed to make way for the construction of a new school.  So thanks to Mr. C. we ended up with two trees to care for and move with us.

young tree in white pot.
small pine tree in green pot.


Last year we planted these precious baby trees in large pots so that we can move them with us where ever we go next.

The pots were functional but kinda boring.  Miracle-Gro’s The Gro Project encouraged us to care for our earth-friendly green trees (pun intended) in a special way.

After exploring Miracle-Gro’s The Gro Project for inspiration The Gro Project, this spring we decided we wanted to decorate the pots and take care of our plants in preparation for spring and summer growth.

T. and I headed over to Miracle Gro’s Pinterest page to get some ideas. fun garden projects.  There were some really great projects there, we really liked the Toyarium idea, but we’ll  keep that one in mind for another day and smaller plants.

We decided to start by decorating our existing pots.  We grabbed some wrapping paper and a pineapple image that we really like {source}.

roll of pink wrapping paper with modern graphic design.

We mod podged (isn’t mod podge a verb?) the back of the paper.

hand holding sponge brush with decoupage glue.

We used the lip of the plant pot to position our paper and then used the Mod Podge to seal the outside of the images, paying particular attention to the sides of the paper.

hand holding sponge brush brushing white decoupage glue on colorful image on green pot.

T’s happy with the way his pot turned out.

And I’m happy with how my pot turned out (the pink paper adds a fun touch without being too, too  much).

smiling young child sitting next to decorated green pot with young tree.


Now that we have fun decorated pots, it was time to take care of feeding our precious trees.  I headed over to the Mircale-Gro webpage to find the right plant food for my baby trees. Miracle-Gro  I’m going to try the Shake n’ Feed All-purpose Plant Food because we do have problems with weeds growing in these pots. Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food   We want to feed these baby trees AND prevent those pesky weeds.

T. and I are pleased with our Moveable Garden and happy that we can be good stewards caring for our baby trees. (Mr. C. would be proud).

Be sure to follow the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page so you can see T. and I share our Moveable Garden project and all the other great ideas there.   Also be sure to check out Miracle-Gro online yourself for their expert tips for gardens and garden problems.  The great resources helped us determine the right plant food to get for our babies, and Miracle-Gro can help you do the same.

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