Non-Candy Halloween Treats

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Originally published on October 14, 2014 and updated July 19, 2019.

non-candy halloween treats

4 containers of peaches decorated to look like Halloween jack o'lanterns with text overlay

Make these fun non-candy Halloween treats with kids. Several years ago we had friends with children who had peanut allergies.  I learned how complicated and disappointing Halloween can be for children with peanut allergies.  It also occurred to me that much of the candy I have been handing out wasn’t appropriate for young toddlers out trick or treating.   I now make sure that I include candy alternatives to hand out on Halloween and these adorable healthy Halloween treats are a favorite.

These little jack o’lanterns are easy enough to make with younger children. They make great healthy Halloween treats for handing out or as healthy Halloween snacks.  

Non-Candy Halloween Treats

There are many occasions for non-candy Halloween treats:

  • To hand out to trick-or-treaters
  • To hand out to trick-or-treaters who can’t have candy or have peanut allergies
  • Lunchbox treats
  • Party snacks
  • Kids’ craft
  • Classroom craft and treat

How to Make Non-Candy Halloween Treats


Healthier Peanut Free Halloween Treats - Organized 31

Step One

Simply cut a jack o’lantern face out of the black paper. This is a wonderful kids’ craft for developing scissor cutting skills. 

You can cut the face components out freehand or you can draw them first and then cut them out. 

Healthier Peanut Free Halloween Treats - Organized 31

Often the fruit cup has text printed on the “face” portion of the cup. Simply plan the size and placement of the jack o’lantern mouth so that it will cover the printing on the top of the fruit cup.

Step Two

Use double side tape to attach the eyes and mouth to the “face” of the fruit cup. 

Healthier Peanut Free Halloween Treats - Organized 31

Since I’m handing these out to younger children in addition to our neighbors with peanut allergies, I made happy jack o’lantern faces, but you could choose to make scarier faces if you want.

orange fruit cups decorated as jack o'lanterns

These are so adorable, I can’t wait to hand them out Halloween night.  How about you, do you hand out non-candy Halloween treats?Be sure to pin for later.

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  1. I really love this idea. Our neighborhood has been asked to hand out allergy free treats for little ones. I think I will make some of these up!

  2. Hi Susan – I can only imagine how scary it is for parents of children with peanut allergies any time of the year, let alone at Halloween when it’s candy pandemonium and not a lot of quality control. How wonderful that you provide peanut-free treats to your neighbors, I am sure they are more than appreciative! Heading over to Ask Anna now… Hugs, Holly

    1. Thank, Holly. While I personally love candy pandemonium, it is a scary time for my friends with children with peanut allergies.

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  4. Susan – these are soooooooooooo CUTE !!
    I can’t help myself – I have huge smile on my face when I’m looking at these photos.

    As for the allergy, You should meet my oldest brother – He’s a doctor and he specializes in allergies. He has a Ph.d

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