Turkey Craft Napkin Rings

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Turkey craft napkin rings are such an adorable way to personalize your holiday dinner table. I love crafting, but am too busy to for complicated crafts. This turkey craft is easy to do, even for beginning crafters, and still looks cute enough to use to decorate the place settings on your Thanksgiving table.

Plus, most of the supplies are things you probably already have, so this turkey craft project will cost you just pennies to make.

paper turkey napkin ring holder on tan napkin with pumpkin in background

You can make these turkey craft napkin rings ahead or make them on Thanksgiving day as a craft activity for guests or children to make. Sometimes you need an activity to keep folks happy while they wait to sit down for the big meal. Making Thanksgiving napkin rings is a perfect solution to keep guests busy creating and then decorating your dining table.

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DIY paper turkey napkin ring on tan napkin with terra cotta pumpkin in the background

My practical side likes making paper craft ideas that are cute and can be put to use. Thanksgiving napkin rings are the perfect solution for fun turkey crafting and a useful table decoration.

Turkey Craft Napkin Rings


This is the perfect opportunity to use up those scrap of paper you’ve been keeping for all those years.

  • Brown, orange, tan, yellow and red colored paper – You can use craft paper, card stock or construction paper.
  • Decorative paper for the tail feathers – Look for fall colors and complimentary patterns that you can use together.
  • Card board tube – A paper towel tube will give you approximately 6 napkin rings
  • Small googly eyes
  • Double stick tape
  • Glue pen
  • Scissors
pile of colorful craft paper on white table

How to Make Turkey Craft Napkin Rings

Cut tail feather shapes from a variety of decorative paper and colored paper. I cut these tail feathers freehand, but you can create a template if you’d like feathers all of the same size and shape.

Cut more feathers than you think you’ll need so that you can play around with the placement of the tail feathers on the body.

colorful turkey tail feathers cut out of paper with pencil and scissors

Cut a circle from brown paper and a slightly smaller circle from orange or tan paper. You can do this freehand, trace a circle from a stencil (or trace cups or plastic container lids) or use a paper punch.

Attach the tail feathers to the brown circle with double stick tape.

colorful turkey feathers taped to body with turkey face to the side

Cut a yellow beak and a red snood from red paper.

Attach the googly eyes, beak and snood to the orange circle with the glue. You could draw the eyes on with a black marker, but googly eyes up the fun factor, so go for googly eyes when you can.

Use double stick tape to attach the face to the body. The tail feathers will be sandwiched between the brown body circle and the orange face circle. 

Cut a paper towel roll into rings that are about 1 1/2 inch wide rings. Cover the rings with brown paper and attach the turkey body to the napkin ring with double stick tape.

paper towel roll with insert of image of paper towel roll rings

How adorable did these Thanksgiving napkin rings turn out? And the wacky googly eyes make me smile every single time.

DIY paper craft turkey napkin ring on tan napkin on wood table

I also made DIY Thanksgiving Napkin Rings using leaves. It would be fun to make both crafts and alternate them on the table.

2 different styles of paper craft turkey napkin rings on wood table

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