DIY Captain America Notebook

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We’re big comic book fans in the Organized 31 family, but Captain America is my favorite.  Is it because I was a captain (although, not a supersoldier) at one time?  Is it because he has America in his name?  Or is it because of Chris Evans? (just joking… or am I?)  Whatever the reason, it only took  me 5 minutes to whip up this diy Captain America Notebook.Diy Captain America Notebook - Organized 31 #captainamerica
It really only took  about 5 minutes (plus drying time) to make this notebook for myself my son.  I already had everything I needed.  Whenever I see small notebooks on sale, I grab a bunch and save them for a project just like this.  So all I had to do was pull out the notebook, Mod Podge , a brush and the paper-cutter.  My daughter had given my son a Captain America postcard so I copied it onto card stock by scanning it on the printer. That gave me  the image I wanted for the cover.Diy Captain America Notebook - Organized 31 #captainamerica

I scanned the postcard on the wrong side of the paper. Ugh.  I hate to waste anything, so I just cut the paper, covered the back of the notebook first and then added the front cover.  If you’re smarter than I am, you can print the photo on the right side of the paper and then you’ll only have to Mod Podge one piece of paper down after you trim it to fit your notebook.  But even adding an extra step didn’t raise the difficulty level of this project above super easy. I find it easier to brush the Mod Podge on the notebook and then position the paper rather than the other way around.Diy Captain America Notebook - Organized 31 #captainamerica

I put the paper-cutter and bottle of Mod Podge on top of the notebook for about 20 minutes to make sure the paper adhered well.  Diy Captain America Notebook - Organized 31 #captainamerica

Voila!!  I’m My son is going to love this notebook.Diy Captain America Notebook - Organized 31 #captainamerica

I think these would make great party favors for a superhero party or great stocking stuffers or great advent calendar gifts or great Easter basket stuffers or… (am I just making up excuses to make more of these?)

Lucky for me, I have a bunch more notebooks in my stash just waiting to become diy Captain American notebooks. How many would be too many, do you think?Diy Captain America Notebook - Organized 31 #captainamerica


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  2. Hi Susan – Ok I must admit, I’m kinda crushing on Captain America. I love this idea, especially because the off-season and out of style notebooks go on sale and you can totally modge podge over them and make it what you want. Love it! Hugs, Holly

    1. Christie, I’m pretty sure you’ll be voted coolest aunt when you make your nephew a superhero notebook. šŸ˜‰ Warning – making them becomes addictive because they’re so easy to make and so cool.

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