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My friend, J, sent me this picture and story about how she has started storing her necklaces.  I love her simple perfect solution to organizing her necklaces.

necklaces hung from suction cups stuck to a mirror in a bedroom
Here’s a picture of my necklaces now hanging from my mirror. 
I’ve tried several other storage methods but they always end up across my dresser preventing me from dusting without picking up a bunch of stuff or they get put away in the jewelry box never to be worn again. I saw your earring holder at the bottom of one of your blog pages and for some reason it made me think of hanging the necklaces on something. I was putting up my Halloween sun catchers with little suction cups and it hit me. Why not hang the necklaces right on the mirror! I wish I’d thought of it sooner. They normally sell the little suction cups around Christmas time to help hang things like lights. That’s where my original ones are from. I found more of them at the ACE Hardware store with all the hooks in what looks like a Christmas package of about 6.
Like I told you, it all started when I was reading your blog to avoid dusting my bedroom.
J, I think you found the perfect solution.  Like you, I have plenty of mirror space on my dresser.  And I love that you have your necklaces front and center so that they’re easily remembered AND easily accessed.   And I see that you and I have similar jewelry boxes.
 Feel free to come join me here hanging out at my blog anytime rather than dusting!

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