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I don’t have all that many scarves, but I could never find a good way to organize them. 


Don’t like them neatly folded in a drawer.
Don’t like them tied to a bar.
Don’t like them hanging on a hook.
Don’t like them on the wall.
Don’t like them when they fall.
(Oh, Dr. Seuss, what influence you have had.)

                                                           A couple of months ago, I stood in my kitchen looking at one of those plastic ring holders for a 6-pack of Gatorade bottles or soda cans.                                                  I usually choose drinks in packaging specifically to avoid those rings.  (Remember 20 years ago when we worried that wild animals were getting strangled in those rings that were being thrown out?)               But somehow this one made it into my home.  I was about to cut all the rings open (so I wouldn’t be the cause of any sweet little animals being strangled) but stood for a moment wondering how I could repurpose it. 
I had seen these in the store.                Hmmm.
Ah, look. Animals saved. Landfill saved. Scarves organized. 


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  1. This is a clever idea! What a great way to recycle! I’m your newest follower, just stopping by from the “Mom’s Monday Mingle” blog hop.

  2. Repurposing items is fun! My scarves have taken over and I don’t like them folded either. Stopping in from Curb Alert’s Friday Block Party…hi!!!

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