Saving in a New Space with LED Power & a Checklist

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 With over 20 moves under my belt, I know how expensive and complicated it can be to set up a new space.  We moved into our current house last summer but are in the middle of a renovation that will add 2 new rooms to my house.  Yea, 2 new rooms! Boo, 2 rooms that need to be set up and furnished.  But with all our moving experience, I’ve come up with some tips to make setting up a new space easier and less expensive with a simple checklist and  super bright LEDs. Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

I’m thrilled that we’re having our basement finished and adding additional space for the family to spend time together in and for my kids to have their friends hang out at our house in.  As a result of the extra room, I’m finally going to have my own craft room! (the heavens open and the angels sing).   As I keep my thoughts focused on the glory of having a craft room, this is only part of what I’m living through right now. I’ve had recent guests ask if we’ve just moved in.  No, but it sure feels like it.  This is all stuff (a part of the stuff) that was in the basement and will go to a new home once the spaces are finished.Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

Moving into a new space is chaotic and expensive, whether it’s a new reno or a new home.  Having moved with the military 20+ times, I’ve come up with a checklist that helps me set up a new space.  In the million + 1 things that must be done, I’ll remember the big things, like couch, chairs, tv, but will forget the small, but equally important items if I don’t rely on my checklist.   Please grab your own copy of my Setting Up a New Space Checklist.Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

I fill out one worksheet for each room. Then I fill in what we already have that will work in that space and what I need to get.

If I had to buy new curtains and curtain rods every time we move (we moved 5 times in 6 years at one point), I’d be broke.  So instead, I keep an inventory of my curtains with the dimensions on each set of curtains. That way I know exactly what size curtains I already have and don’t have to keep buying new ones.Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

I use my checklist to measure the windows in each room, then check my curtain rod and curtain inventory .  Often I’m able to use something I already have and have saved us a bunch of money over 20+ moves.  I can adapt curtains or curtain rods that don’t fit perfectly as long as they’re close to my measurements.  There are occasions that I don’t have anything that will work in a new space.  Buying curtains and curtain rods that can be adapted and keeping a clear inventory of what I already have helps me save money when I set up a new space.Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

In addition to curtains, furnishing my new space with light bulbs is another way I save money using my checklist.  By knowing exactly what types of lightbulbs a new space needs, I can make sure that I have that exact lightbulb on hand. If you’ve been around Organized 31 very long, you know I love to repurpose and care for my family, so I’ve been uncomfortable with the newer light bulbs that contain mercury (mom + mercury = worry).  I was relieved to find out that GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs are better for the environment and my family since they do not contain mercury, lead or glass.  Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

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When I learned that 1 LED bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs, the earth-friendly side and the money-saving side of this mama cheered.   I popped over to Walmart to find the light bulbs I need for my new spaces and to save money.    You can calculate how much your own family can save annually by switching to GE LED Energy Smart bulbs using this energy savings calculator.  Learn more and follow GE LED Energy Smart on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  #LEDSavings Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

 Having used my checklist, I knew exactly how many of each type of light bulb I needed.Setting Up a New Space Checklist - Organized 31

I can’t wait to actually move into our new spaces and show them to you.  Do you have any tips on making setting up a new space easier?


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  1. Love these lists! I need to print them up and use them now with all of the basement mess in my home right now. I never really knew all of the information you shared about the light bulbs!

  2. Hi Susan – I am all about the checklist. It’s the only thing in life that keeps me on track. Thanks for the info on light bulbs… it brightened my day! Hugs, Holly

  3. Your checklist is fantastic! Before paying attention while moving I had no idea the number of light bulbs we had in our home. Awesome that you’re using GE LED power in your home and not worrying about the mercury. #client

  4. Do you take the energy efficient light bulbs with you whenever you move? Considering how long they last, it would be interesting to see how many homes you could use them in before they wear out.

    1. Dan, sometimes we’re able to move light bulbs with us, but most of the time I donate them and buy new ones at the new location. I’ve just purchased these GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs, I’ll let you know in several years how they do. 🙂

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