Crazy Things My Mother-in-Law Was Right About

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NOT    “Things My Crazy Mother-in-Law Was Right About”

For the 24 years that I’ve been married, my mother-in-law folds down the bed sheets every morning and lets the bed air out.  After airing the bed out for an hour or so, she makes the bed up and starts the day.

bed sheets folded down on a bed

Some how I grew up thinking that everyone makes their bed as soon as they get up.  Why would you wait and come back to it?  For years I was confused about why my mother-in-law would so neatly fold down the bedding and then come back and make the bed later.  Why wouldn’t she just skip that folding down step and make the bed up straight away?  I won’t say that I thought she was crazy, but it did confound me.  My mother-in-law is a very organized and house-proud lady. 

This bed thing bugged me (pun was not intended, but come back and read this again when you’re done) for almost 20 years.  I finally got the nerve up to ask why she didn’t make her bed immediately in the morning.  She told me it was to air out the bed.  Ooo-kay.  I guess that made sense, but I still didn’t really get it.  I now knew she had a reason, but I still really couldn’t exactly figure out the whole airing out thing.

When I lived in Germany, every morning you’d see bedding hanging out the window to air it out.  There must be something to this “airing out” of bedding idea.


Then about a year ago I read an article in a woman’s magazine that explained you should air your bed out every morning before you make it.  Sleeping causes a warm, moist environment and if you don’t air the bed out it can encourage dust mites.  Dust mites that cause allergies and asthma.

After reading the magazine article, I had to do a quick Google search and found that research in the UK supports the practice of airing out your bed. Allowing your bed to air out reduces the moisture in the sheets and even the mattress.  Dust mites can only live in a moist environment.  So, reducing the moisture reduces the likelihood of dust mites.   Now that I’m all grossed out about sleeping, dust mites, bugs and allergies I may never go to sleep again.  Shiver.  Yuck!

All that time and money spent to research something my mother-in-law has known for years; you should air out your bed every morning before you make it.  Chalk up one for my mother-in-law!

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  1. Hi Susan, I was going to say good morning but I have no idea what time zone you are in.Great post. I never thought about it but it makes sense to air your bed out. I usually eat breakfast before I make my bed so I should wait a little longer from now on.Thanks for sharing. I may be your newest follower by email.

    1. Welcome, Darlene! I’d never thought about it either before I saw my mother-in-law airing her bedding out every morning. Thank goodness for mother-in-laws!

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