DIY Craft Room Organizing

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It’s easy to organize your supplies on a budget with these DIY craft room organizing ideas.

blue and purple bins neatly organized on white shelves

I’m so excited that I’ve got my own craft room in my current house.  First. Ever. Craft room!  In all our 20+ homes before, my “craft room” was the dining room table and tubs of craft supplies shoved in the back of my closet behind my clothes and shoes.   It was incredibly inconvenient to pull my supplies out from the back of my closet, lug them to the dining room and then have to clean everything up a few hours later for dinner.  I’m beyond thrilled to have my own craft room. (Can you hear the teen squeal in my voice?!)  I’m slowly figuring out exactly how I want to set it up and organize it.  Of course, most of my organizing involves DIY craft room organizing projects.  To make my organizing projects even more fun, I’m using Spring Wood Surfaces as inspiration.

blue and white box holding washi table

If you’ve been hanging around here more than about 2 minutes, you know that I love repurposed craft projects and I lo-ove repurposed organizing projects.  When I get to do both together at the same time I’m one happy girl.  I find using recycled cardboard boxes perfect for organizing craft supplies.  You can easily access the supplies and they’re neatly organized. And if you decorate the box, they look pretty, too.

wood shapes, craft paint and sponge brush on table

Thanks to Plaid for these supplies and Spring Wood Surfaces  that I used in making my craft organizing bins.  I found the wood photo booth props so cute that I knew immediately that I wanted to use them to label my organizing bins.

It was easy to clip the sticks off of the wood plaque.  I just used craft scissors and cut/scored around the stick at the base of the wood plaque.  Be careful to hold the plaque close to the edge when you snap the stick off to keep the wood plaque from splintering.

hand cutting wood sticks off wood shapes

In about 20 minutes, including drying time, I had painted 2 coats of craft paint on each plaque.  I chose not to use the sparkle Mod Podge, but if you’re a glitter kinda girl, it would jazz up the painted plaques before you add the labels.

sponge brush painting wood shapes pink and green

I used a paint pen to label the larger plaque and printed out the other label with my label maker.  You could also use a Sharpie, letter stickers or Mod Podge (yes, I think it should be verb, too) a label you printed out on your printer.

pink flower shape and green shape with labels being added

While the paint on the plaques was drying, I grabbed a couple of boxes from my boxes-too-good-to-go-to-the-recycling-bin stash and measured wrapping paper to cover them.

roll of blue and white wrapping paper cut to fit cardboard box

I trimmed flaps for the shorter side of the box.  I Mod Podged the paper on the longer side of the box and the edge flaps from the longer side around the box.

cardboard box centered on craft paper with scissors cutting the paper

I clipped a “V” on the corner of those longer pieces so they’d tuck neatly down into the box.  Lastly I folded the edges of the shorter side flaps and Mod Podged them neatly tucked into the box.

hand holding flaps of paper where "v" shape was cut

I’m an impatient crafter, so I let the boxes dry an entire 5 minutes and hot glued the label plaques onto my new craft organizing bins. 

My new craft organizing bins fit perfectly on my bookcase and hide my stuff out of sight while looking pretty cute.  But because the bins are open, everything is still easy to access.  (I just noticed that I need to straighten my stamp pads up.  Is that bugging anyone else now?) I’m so charmed by these wood surface labels that I’m on a run making more.  Next up – a mustache label for my neighbor’s son to organize his toy cars.  How cute will that be?! In addition to how pretty my DIY craft room organizing bins are, I love that I can simply recycle them the next time the military moves us and I haven’t spent a fortune on them. 

blue and purple bins on shelves of white bookshelf

I love having a larger box to hold the projects I’m currently working on.  This helps me to clean up the mess and whisk it out of sight, but still keep it accessible for the next time I find a few available minutes to craft.  

black mustache in front of white box

Do you share my obsession with using recycled boxes for organizing?

close up of blue and green bins on white shelves

For more fun crafting ideas, check out these resources:  the Plaid Website , the Plaid Pallete Blog,   the Plaid Newsletter, Plaid’s YouTube channel,  Plaid on Pinterest, Plaid on Facebook, Plaid on Twitter, Plaid on Instagram and Plaid on GooglePlus.

More simple organizing ideas:

earrings on white and green holder
white buckets with colorful stripes holding cotton balls and swabs
comic book covered ban holding superhero figures and a comic book
pink striped sweater covered boxes

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  1. If you’re heading to Boston anytime soon, feel free to stop by and help me do some organizing šŸ˜‰

  2. What cute ideas, I love how you took boxes and spruced them up with wrapping paper – so cute and functional!

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  4. Wow, you did an amazing job, and everything is so cute! thanks for sharing – it’s a real inspiration!

  5. I am such a wannabe crafter. Michael’s always sends the best coupons in the mail for 40% off and find that perfect item. Thanks for post now getting ideas how to store all those crafts!

  6. I like the way you organized your DIY area and made it easiet to use. I saw tips I could use on irher organizing projects.

  7. Everything looks great! I always hear about washi tape, lol, but I’ve still never tried it. You can tell from that statement alone that I’m not crafty, right? I do admire the work of those who are though. Well done over at your place!

  8. You’re so organized and crafty! How much to come to Cincinnati and work your magic on my house? šŸ˜‰

  9. Wow, you did an awesome job! I’m currently trying to figure out the best place and way to store my son’s craft supplies. I don’t have a closet, so I think I may buy some sort of shelving unit.

    1. Thanks, Elisebet. I’ve kept my children’s craft supplies in rolling drawer units and big box store metal shelves. Since we move every 1-3 years, my storage options have to be flexible. Have fun setting your son’s crafts up.

  10. Oh I love how you decorated the boxes Susan! Very nice use of the wooden decorations too. You are so lucky to have a craft room! That is my dream one day!

    1. I feel so blessed, Raquel. I still walk into the room, look around and smile a couple of times a day. Then I pinch myself because I can’t believe it’s real. Crossing my fingers that you’ll get a craft room to call your own soon.

  11. Such a super cute way to organize! I’ve got to get my crafts in order before they take over! Ha! Life to the full! Melissa

  12. Really great idea using the boxes. I enjoy upcycling things into new. In the process now of turning tin cans into flowers.

    1. I’m always happy to meet other upcycling friends, Cheryl! And I’d love to see your tin can flowers – what a fun project!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!I really struggle with organizing but I love to save boxes for the holidays/birthdays so I’m already halfway there! I’m so excited! Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Sarah! I’m so glad you’ll be to put those saved boxes to good use. Happy organizing and crafting.

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