Craft Room Storage Ideas

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Once the hard work of decluttering is done, it’s time for the fun of craft room storage ideas. There are so many amazingly creative and innovative DIY ideas and organizing products for craft spaces. There are options for every budget and every size space. Luckily, crafters love to be creative and that is invaluable when it comes to organizing with craft room storage ideas.

shelves with neatly organized yarn and fabric

If you missed the first two days of the organized home challenge, How to Plan Craft Room Organization and Declutter Your Craft Stash, you definitely want to start there first to make the most of your craft room organizing.

How Do I Organize My Craft Area?

  1. Declutter
  2. Prioritize
  3. Organize by Use
  4. Utilize Vertical Space
  5. Use Hidden Space
  6. Use Free and Repurposed Organizing Ideas
  7. Use Space Efficiently
  8. Use Innovative Products
  9. Use the Space, Reassess and Make Adjustments

Craft Room Storage


If you’re a crafter, you probably have too much stuff. Be ruthless in decluttering so that you can create the craft space you dream of. The tips and free checklist in Declutter Your Craft Stash will be a big help to you.

Organize by Priority

As you put each item away, think about how often you use it. Place your most frequently used craft items where you can easily access them. Place seldom used items up high, at the bottom of the stack or in the less convenient storage area.

Organize by Use

Evaluate where you use craft items in your craft space. Place items where you will use them. For example, keep pens on the desk where you use them. Keep vinyl near the electronic cutting machine. This concept of storage at the point of use is foundational for the best craft room organizing.

Neatly organized desk top of Ikea craft room furniture.

Use All Space Efficiently

Take advantage of vertical space in the room and on the walls.

  • Use tall craft storage cabinets and furniture
  • Use open wall shelving
  • You can even place shelves over the top of doorways
  • Use peg boards
peg board on a wall with several craft supplies hung on it

Take advantage of hidden space.

  • On top of high shelves
  • In the back of deep shelves
  • Under tables
  • Behind chairs
  • In closets
  • Behind bookshelves or craft storage cabinets

Use Free & Repurposed Craft Storage Ideas

I love to repurpose items for craft storage and I really love to use free repurposed ideas.

a map and two cups with markers in them hung on a peg board
Plant pots on sale at the end of the summer season cost only $.60
Stylish Upcycled Sweater Box for Organizing -Organized 31

Craft Storage Ideas

organizing boxes with stamps and ink, glass jars and metal boxes lower down

My Favorite Craft Storage Products

I’ve collected my favorite organizing products in my Amazon shop.

Organize My Drawer is a veteran-owned and woman-owned company that assembles the one-of-a-kind drawer organizers here in the USA. You can see how I used this product to design my own personal sewing box tray organizer.

I love Meori foldable boxes for flexible storage in my craft room. My readers can get a unique 20% off discount code to use.

I rely on IKEA for my craft storage cabinets and furniture. They’ve got versatile storage options that look great at reasonable prices. The desk and two shelves below are all from IKEA.

I’ve recently been gifted UbeCube to to try for organizing. I choose to use the products to organize craft supplies.

I received free products, but all opinions are always 100% my own.

I prefer to choose versatile modular storage options. This allows my storage to adapt as my crafting and organizing needs change.

I chose to use 4 UbeCubes to organize craft supplies. I’m not very tall, so I found this the perfect height to keep items easy to access. If you are are taller, you’d probably prefer 5 cubes stacked for storage.

A white cabinet with three drawers, perfect for craft room storage.
A craft room with a blue and white storage unit.

Some items need open storage that can accommodate frequent changes in the contents. Yarn and planner storage is the perfect example. Open storage like below allows you to immediately see everything you have, remove just one or multiple items and can accommodate different sizes or numbers of items.

Other craft supplies require storage options designed specifically for their unique needs. Craft paper, particularly 12 x 12 inch paper needs a storage option that meets unique requirements. You can see below that the black divider in the middle of the cube supports the decorative paper so that it doesn’t warp and also keeps it filed vertically so that it’s easy to flip through, find the exact piece you want and then it’s easy to remove.

Craft room storage ideas: A crate filled with an ample amount of white yarn.
A white cabinet with a lot of craft room storage ideas papers in it.

Other craft supplies need to be organized in smaller more specific categories. These drawers make it easy to keep different categories organized and visible. Bonus feature – you can remove the drawer and carry it to your craft work area.

A drawer filled with an abundance of craft supplies, perfect for organizing your craft room storage.

For even more portability, choose a caddy that allows you to carry supplies used in most craft projects to your work space (and easily put them away). You can create multiple basic craft supplies totes for different types of crafting, such as beading, embroidery, paper crafting, painting, etc.

I like to store my craft caddy out of the way but in an easy to reach location. I have found that the top of my UbeCube tower is the perfect location in my craft room.

Craft room storage ideas: A blue container with scissors and other supplies in it.

UbeCube is a collapsible, omni-stackable uber-modular crate system. They are modular, practical, versatile and easy to use.

The UbeCube system is built around the core cube. These cubes come in 3 colors and and with each passing month, more features and accessories in even more colors are added. Check them out to learn about their features, including omni-stackability, collapsibility, connectability and more.

Use UBECUBE coupon code ORG31 for 10% off your order.

Craft Room Labeling Resources

IKEA furniture for craft room storage

Be sure to pin for later when you’re in the mood to peruse craft room storage ideas for inspiration.

For more craft ideas, see the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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