DIY Dog Poop Bag Holder – Valentine’s Day Treats

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Our puppy dog (who is actually an old lady, but doesn’t realize it) is such an important part of our family.  Every time we move with the military, she often meets our neighbors before we do.  We’ve met some of our best friends through the years thanks, to our pup, Lila.  At our new house, we met and have become friends with our neighbors and their dog, Diesel, because our dogs play together.  This year I want to give them Valentine’s Day treats for Diesel in a cute gift bag that is actually a DIY dog poop bag holder.

brown and tan dog looking at camera with dog treat box and bag of dog treats in pink bag

Lila started her life on the streets of New York City.  She made it to the animal shelter, was adopted and then returned (how in the world could anyone have returned this adorable, smart girl?!).  She was fostered by a wonderful family outside of NYC until we adopted her nine years ago.  She’s moved four times with us and has traveled thousands of miles in the car with us.  We can’t imagine our family without her. 

DIY Dog Poop Bag Holder Pattern - Organized 31 #TreatThePups #Ad

Thanks to Lila and her desperate need to take very long walks every single day, I’ve been forced found a way to get my exercise every day.  All those miles of dog walks has made me appreciate having a doggy poo waste bag holder on our leash.  Every dog owner can use one for taking walks.

This gift bag/dog waste bag holder is easy to make (honestly) and requires minimal sewing skills.  You could also use fabric glue if you don’t want to sew it. 

DIY Dog Poop Bag Holder


Holiday or cute dish towel (you could use fabric, but there are just so many cute dish towels to choose from,  they’re the perfect size and you can use 3 of the already sewn seams)

Dog Treat bag that can be folded in half to fit inside the gift bag.  

overhead view of bags of dog treat and pink fabric

While out running errands last week, I dropped by Walmart to pick up everything I needed to make the gift bag/dog waste bag holder.  I took my time looking in the dog treat aisle to pick just the right treats to give.  As soon as I found the treats from Milo’s Kitchen and saw that they’re all Made in the USA and come in a foldable bag, I knew I’d found the perfect treats. Learn more by following Milo’s Kitchen on Facebook. 

I couldn’t just bring home treats for Diesel.  Because Lila is an older lady, she needs to eat crunchy treats to help keep her teeth clean.  I picked up some Milk Bone treats, too, because they’re a crunchy treat that she loves.

bag of dog treats laying on pink fabric

To get started, simply lay your dog treat bag on the towel.  Leave approximately 2 1/2 inches at the top of the treat bag to make the flap and about 1/2 inch on either side of the bag for the sides of the flap. (I cut mine a bit too short, but made it work just fine). You’ll leave the towel seams on the sides and bottom so you don’t have to worry about leaving extra fabric there.

pink fabric with red owl cut into bag shape

Be sure to double-check before you cut the fabric so that your image is centered on the front of the bag.

arrow pointing to seam of pink bag

Fold the fabric down and sew a narrow seam at the opening and on the flap.  Turn carefully at the corners.

seams of DIY pink bag

Place right sides of the fabric together, sew the sides together and then the bottom.  Turn the bag right side out.

dog leash being thread through strap of poop bag

Use your leash to measure where you’ll sew the seam that will make a channel to hold the leash.  This is how you keep the waste bag holder on the leash.

velcro closures added pink dog poop bag holder

Sew Velcro or snaps to keep the flap shut.  The bag will work fine without the closures, but it keeps the plastic waste bags more securely in the holder. I would have liked my closure flap to be a bit longer, so be sure to use the measurements recommended above.

black dog waste bags next to pink DIY dog poop bag holder and leash

In about 15 minutes (less if you’re a better seamstress than I am), you’ve made your own DIY dog waste bag holder.  And it’s pretty cute, don’t you think?

overhead view of bags of dog treat and pink DIY bag

Because you used the treat bag to determine your measurements, you also have a perfect Valentine’s Day Treats gift bag, too.

dog looking at camera with bag of dog treat and pink DIY dog poop bag holder

Lila got ready to take her #TreatThePups gift next door to our neighbors.   I’m ready, to go.  Let’s go.  What are we waiting for? I’m ready already!

dog on leash looking at camera and pink dog poop bag holder on leash

But first she asked to try the doggy poop bag holder out on a walk (you know, just to make sure it works well for her friend, not because she wanted to go on a walk herself).

tan and brown dog playing in front of box and bag of dog treats

Lila had fun giving Diesel his Valentine’s gift.  You can see that Diesel appreciated her thoughtfulness.

bag of dog treats, dog waste bags and pink dog poop bag holder on black leash

Do you know a puppy dog that would appreciate Valentine’s Day treats?  You can make them even more special by putting the treats in a DIY Dog Poop Bag Holder as a gift bag.  And be sure to give your own pup an extra treat and cuddle today. 
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  1. I just love this bag and think it is so much better than just carrying around a poo bag! They are not that appealing! Your puppy is so cute and I love that he is willing to share treats with neighbors. I am off to find these great treats and to make a cute bag!

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  3. That came out so good. I love it. When our dog goes, we just pick it up with a plastic grocery bag and toss it immediately. Our dog is little, so we are never far from our house & trash can.

    1. Thanks, Robin. Sounds like little dogs don’t drag you on miles long walking treks (I may be just a bit jealous).

  4. This is such a cute little bag and so much more discreet than a regular ol’ bag. Although truth be told, I’d need a much bigger bag for our St Bernard. lol

  5. What an adorable little Valentine you have there! Doggies deserve lots of love too! Super cute bag!

  6. I always say that animal people are the best, so it is so neat Lila helps to greet your new neighbors! I am sure she only approves of the best people. What a sweet dog. Our Border Collie Cooper was a puppy turned into the shelter. Like Lila, no idea why someone wouldn’t want him. Just glad he was meant for our family. #client

  7. Those plastic ones always broke, why did not not think about sewing one… thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I love that this uses a dishtowel. I don’t always like sewing, but when it’s cute and simple like this (and it’s for the pets) then I can definitely do it!

  9. We don’t have any dogs yet (no pets allowed apartment) but this is really cute! I love the owl on the bag.

  10. That’s prettier than a plastic pooper scooper for pets. šŸ™‚ We went to a beach once that had bags for doggie owners in dispensers. Made me laugh… but it was practical.

  11. These are so cute! What a great idea to add some personalization to carrying around the waste bags! Thanks so much for sharing at the A Little Bit of Everything link up!

  12. This is so great!!!!…. my dog saw it and he wants one…. so this is gonna be my new proyect. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Helena, your dog has great taste! Have fun making one for him (just don’t tell him how easy it was to make, so he’ll be super impressed).

        1. If he’s smart enough to love it, then he probably knows how easy it was. šŸ™‚ So glad you found it easy to make as well. Enjoy lots of long walks with your sweet dog.

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  15. Thank you for sharing your post with me to include in my roundup. I included it in a roundup for holiday gifts to make for pets.

    Enjoy the holidays!

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