Recycled Bottle Organizers

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I have recently acquired half a craft room. It’s point of disagreement between my husband and I.  He says I have a craft room.  I say a half a craft room.  But any way you look at it, I finally have some space to myself and all my craft stuff.  I’m able to unpack all my craft stuff from storage tubs and set it up.  As I started setting up my half a craft room, I quickly realized that I needed to get my desk supplies organized before I organized the “real” craft stuff.  I want to live in the space a bit before I invest in permanent organizing containers, so for now I’m using these recycled bottle organizers.  They’re working perfectly for what I need, were easy to make and were free!

3 clear bowls holding office supplies

 I don't know about you, but I, uh, I mean we go through a bunch of these plastic bottles. So, why not put them to use?  You'll need several plastic drink bottles, scissors, a nail file or sand paper and washi tape.

2 clear water bottles

Be careful puncturing your bottle and cutting it. 

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scissors cutting top off of bottle

I used a nail file to take off any sharp parts from where the edge had been cut.  Then I  simply covered the edge of the bottle with my current favorite washi tape.

hand adding purple washi tape to edge of bottle

In only about 10 minutes and for free you too can make your own set of 3 desk organizers. 

close up of office supplies in decorated clear bowls

I'm happy with the way these recycled bottle organizers are working on my craft table.  Now I can move on to organizing the rest of my half a craft room.

3 clear bowls holding office supplies on wood table

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  2. Oh we go through a lot of bottles here too lol! Great upcycle, quick and easy and so fun to personalize! Awesome share and we appreciate your linking to our craft challenge! Hope you come back next month for our new challenge material!

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