Sharpie Dotted Cup

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This is my baby’s first Valentine’s away at college.  I know it’s not a big holiday, but it’s always been a special one in our family.  Each year I’ve done something small, but personalized for my kiddos for Valentine’s Day.  I’m thrilled that my daughter gets along really well with her 3 roommates, so I’m making all 4 of them a DIY Sharpie dotted cup for Valentine’s Day.  It would also be a great gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or any gift occasion, really.

red candy and clear cups with dot hearts on white wood table

Sharpie Dot Cup


Glass Cups

Sharpie Marker

Vinyl or Stickers

Cutting Machine

four clear cups, pile of pink and red markers and black heart stickers on table

When I found these glass cups at my local thrift store for $.25, I just had to get them.  That was 9 months ago.  I’d been waiting for inspiration to hit.  And it finally did when my daughter made Sharpie mugs for her friends for Christmas

hand holding clear cup with black heart sticker on it.

I cut the hearts out of vinyl with my Cricut, but you could use a heart sticker. 

Since I already had the Sharpies and the vinyl for the hearts, this project only cost me $1. When you put the heart on the cup, be sure to smooth out the bubbles in the vinyl so that the edges are smooth and well adhered. Use the Sharpie to make dots around the heart.  I made the dots more concentrated closer to the heart and less concentrated as I moved out from the heart. 

black heart sticker on clear cup with red dots around the heart

You’ll have to fight the urge to over dot.  And beware, you’ll have to force yourself to stop dotting before you’ve dotted the entire cup and your home.

After you force yourself to stop dotting, simply remove the vinyl heart and voila! I plan on filling the cups with chocolate (of course) candy. 

close up of dotted hear images on clear cups

I bought the candy on sale after Christmas, so it was very affordable.

close up of clear cups with dot outlined heart images and candy

Pin for later so you can always find the sharpie dot cup gift ideas.

4 clear cups with dot outlined heart and candy on white wood table

I think that these little Sharpie dot cups filled with chocolate will make a sweet (pun intended) little Valentine’s gift for my baby and her roommates.

clear cup with red dot heart holding rings

Update: These cups are for decorative use only.  If you’re interested in being able to wash the cups, follow the directions for the Sharpie Dot Mug.   After Valentine’s Day, they can use the cup to hold rings or jewelry. Hope this cute little Sharpie dotted cup lets my baby know how much I love her on Valentine’s Day.  

clear coffee cups with red and purple dot outlines of hearts with red candy on tab;e

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