DIY Dr Pepper Slushies & Popsicles

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DIY Dr Pepper Slushie & Popsicle - Organized 31 #BackyardBash #shop

With 2 teens and a tween, I’m always looking for ways to make it fun for the kids and their friends to hangout at our house. Yes, I want to have the house where the kids hang out.  Now that it’s summer, I try to keep fun drinks and snacks on-hand so we can have a spontaneous backyard bash for the kids when their friends drop by.  These diy Dr Pepper slushies and popsicles are always a hit because they taste great and they’re so cool (pun intended) and entertaining for the kids to make.

 While I was out running errands, I popped over to Walmart to pick up my kids’ favorite treat, Dr Pepper. 

While I was there I also picked up some Cheez-Its to make my easy snack mix.  As I was walking through the store, I found the perfect nostalgic summer table cloth and tablecloth clamps from Coleman in the camping supplies aisle. The red checked pattern is perfect or any aged backyard bash and the clamps keep this organizing mama happy by keeping the tablecloth neatly in place.


DIY Dr Pepper Slushie & Popsicle - Organized 31 #BackyardBash #shop

I like to keep Dr Pepper popsicles already made in the freezer so I’m ready anytime my kids want to have friends over.  Making the popsicles couldn’t be easier.  You simply pour Dr Pepper into a popsicle mold, leaving a little space for expansion when it freezes.  Place the mold in the freezer and in a couple of hours you have popsicles cool (yes, I’m punning, again)  enough for the tween or teen crowd.

DIY Dr Pepper Slushie & Popsicle - Organized 31 #BackyardBash #shop

The kids love these popsicles anytime of year, but they’re especially popular on a hot summer’s day.


DIY Dr Pepper Slushie & Popsicle - Organized 31 #BackyardBash #shop

Dr Pepper slushies are equally popular with my kids and their friends.  The slushies take a bit of planning, because there’s a specific time limit required to make them.  They’re easy to make, you just have to watch the time.  These slushies are a big hit with the kids because making them is like conducting a science experiment, one that results in a refreshing slushie!

   Shake your bottle of Dr Pepper vigorously for 6-10 seconds. Place it in your freezer on its side for approximately 3 1/2 hours (your freezer and location may require less or more freezing time). Very, very slowly open the lid. You want to release the pressure very slowly. Pour the Dr Pepper into a glass. Add ice chips, one at a time, to the Dr Pepper and you’ll see your slushie form right before your eyes. Please be careful in shaking and opening your bottle. Do not leave the bottle in your freezer too long or it may damage the bottle and your freezer.

If you’ve never made your own slushie at home, watch this video and you’ll understand why the kids never get tired of watching and making their own slushies. (There’s nothing like a cool science food experiment to entertain the kids!)  

Thanks to my kiddos for serving as my film crew.

DIY Dr Pepper Slushie & Popsicle - Organized 31 #BackyardBash #shop

 To go with the slushies and popsicles, I can whip up this easy snack mix as soon as the door bell rings.  I mix Cheez-It Snack Mix with homemade popcorn and Cheez-It Scrabble crackers.  I often spell out a message for the kids or have my kids spell out a message for their friends with the Scrabble letter crackers.

DIY Dr Pepper Slushie & Popsicle - Organized 31 #BackyardBash #shop

 So now you can compete with me to be that house that the kids are hanging out at this summer.  Just remember that these diy Dr Pepper slushies and popsicles are the secret to your house being the place your kids and their friends hang out at.


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  1. I have never heard of making a Dr. Pepper Slushie, but now I have to try it. I would love the recipe for your snack mix too!

  2. Hi Susan – What a fun idea! I love Dr. Pepper and these slushies do look super cool for the kids! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Holly

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