Last-Minute Snow or Freeze Shopping Checklist

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Moving around the country with the military, I’ve seen bad weather in a lot of different areas.  I’m always interested in how differently people in different parts of the country prepare for what’s considered bad weather there.  For those of you who have to run to the store at the last-minute before a bad snow storm or severe temperatures, here’s a  Last-Minute Snow or Freeze Shopping List to make your trip just a little easier.

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Unless you’re exceptionally prepared all the time, you will one day be standing in a long line at the store stocking up on those must have items before a big storm.  It’s happened to even the most prepared and organized among us.  Don’t worry, just print out your copy of the  Last-Minute Snow or Freeze Shopping List and you’ll be ready to run to the store and get everything you need.

Last-Minute Snow or Freeze Shopping List

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Fill it out now (today or this week),  before you’re faced with a storm, add the items you and your family need on the right-hand side.  Consider items like:

Water                       Milk                         Juice

Batteries                   Flashlights             Candles

Bread                        Tortillas                  Crackers

Peanut Butter         Cheese                     Dried and Canned Meat 

Cereal                       Granola Bars         Popcorn/Pretzels

Canned soup           Microwave-able meals

Fruit                         Yogurt                  Eggs

Prescription Medicine                           OTC Medicine (fever, stomach, decongestants, bandages)

Pet food                  Pet Medication       Pet Supplies

Firewood                Snow Shovel            Salt or Sand

Gas for the car       Fuel Additive          Wiper Blades 

blue and red checklist

Once you’ve completed the list of items that you and your family would need, keep the checklist in a convenient location.  Then the next time you’re facing a snow storm or severe temperatures, simple grab your checklist, do a quick inventory based on your personalized item list and run to the store.  You’ll probably still have to stand in line, but at least you’ll know you’ve gotten everything you need. 

What’s the one thing you make sure you have at home in preparation for a snow storm or severe temperatures?

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  1. Great printable! Thanks for the head start on the list too. I will have to add batteries to my list since we never seem to have enough when we need them.

  2. I make sure we have powdered milk in the pantry. It is not my favorite to drink, but we can use it for many things when we can’t get out of the house! Great list!

  3. Great list idea Susan! We are pretty lucky here in California, and some of these I need to do, like the wiper blades. My friends back East are telling me that it takes a couple hours in the markets just like you said and your list covers what they need.

    1. Thanks, Raquel. It can get crazy when everyone is trying to stock up before a storm. I don’t like to shop in the best of circumstances, so I do everything I can to make any kind of shopping easier (now if I could only afford a personal shopper!)

  4. Great list Susan! We have a manual can opener on hand in case the electricity goes out! I’m ready for a snow day!!! Hugs, Holly

  5. Toilet paper. Pasta and jars of pasta sauce/canned tomatoes etc. Things you can cook easily.
    And stuff you can eat without electricity. Gas/charcoal for a BBQ! Potatoes to cook in an open fire/log burner. And a bottle of wine or 2!

    1. Ah, toilet paper! Thank you, Emma. I always keep a big stock of tp, so I don’t worry about that, but for other folks, it should definitely be on the list. Love the wine idea – for keeping warm, right?

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