DIY Wintry Epsom Salt Jars

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Do you have 5 minutes and some recycled glass jars? You can make these DIY wintry epsom salt jars in just minutes. They’re easy to make and perfect for Christmas and Hanukkah decor.  This would be a great kids craft, too (with just a little supervision). 

close up of 3 white frosty jars with ribbons and white, blue and silver beads on white wood table

I have a close friend that celebrates Hanukkah. I give her children a small gift each year for Hanukkah. This year I made these wintery snow jars and filled them with candy. The kids will enjoy the candy and my friend, K., will have the snowy jars for her decor. 

close up of white frosty jar with ribbons and white, blue and silver beads and gold foil coin candy

DIY Wintry Epsom Salt Jars


Recycled Glass Jars – I know I’m not the only one with a stash of recycled jars. Right?

Decoupage Glue – I chose to use glitter decoupage glue, but you could even use white school glue.

Foam Brush – You could use any brush, but the foam one applies the glue evenly.

3 glass jars, bag of epsom salts, bottle of glue and sponge brush on wood table

Epsom Salt – My store only had this scented Epsom salt. The scent is unnecessary. 

2 white plates, one with jar of glue and sponge brush and other with epsom salt and jar

Pour some Epsom salt into a plate with raised edges. Simply paint a layer of glue on the exterior of the jar and then roll it in the Epsom salt. The decoupage glue dries pretty quickly, so move quickly. Press the jar into the salt as you roll it back and forth to help the salt stick well to the glue.

close up of 2 white crystallized jars

The Epsom salt sticks to the glue (and the jar). Really. If you have any spots where the Epsom salt didn’t stick, go back and add some more glue and salt to the spot.

ribbon and blue, clear, silver and white beads on wood table

The jar looks like it’s frozen and icy. It’s gorgeous, really magical looking.  I wanted to add some icy colored embellishments. I used white, silver and glisten-y ribbon from my ribbon stash.  I picked up this beaded embellishment from the craft store using a 50% off coupon, so it cost pennies per jar to embellishment. And I used these beads to make Edible Wizard’s Crafts stocking stuffers.

close up of 3 white frosty jars lined up with ribbons and white, blue and silver beads

I let the decoupage glue and Epsom salt dry a couple of hours before adding the embellishments. 

overhead view of 3 white frosty jars with ribbons and white, blue and silver beads

These wintry Epsom salt jars would make gorgeous luminaries. I can see them on a table at a party. Wouldn’t they be lovely at a wedding?

close up of a white frosty jar with ribbons and white, blue and silver beads and gold foil coins on table

I’m filling them with candy to give to my friend’s children for Hanukkah. But you could fill them with candy to give as party favors.

These DIY wintry Epsom salt jars were so easy to make. The most difficult part is that you have to hold them with your hand inside the jar so you don’t knock the Epsom salt off the jars. But other than that, they’re very easy to make. How would you use these beautiful wintery glass jars? You can find more amazing wintery and holiday ideas at All Free Holiday Crafts.   

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  1. Susan – these are so pretty! I think I actually have everything I need to make these, so I am going to try them tomorrow with my daughter. Thanks for the great, easy DIY craft!

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