Halloween Crafts – Ghost Candy Wrapper

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I enjoy making gifts for my family and friends. Gifts show them that I care enough to think of them and make a handmade gift. But I’m a busy mom of three, wife and small business owner. I don’t have time for elaborate, complicated gifts. So, I’ve become the queen of cute, but super easy gifts. This Halloween craft of a ghost candy wrapper is one of my favorite small gifts. They’re great for party favors, gifts for coworkers, classroom gifts, classroom activities, to include in college care packages and to give out to trick-or-treaters.

2 white paper ghosts with googly eyes on wood table with red candy scattered around with title text reading Ghost Candy Wrapper

If you’re a friend of Organized 31, you know how much I enjoy making Halloween crafts and treats. I often include them in college care packages.

Halloween Crafts – Ghost Candy Wrapper

collage of colorful worksheets with featured cover page with 3 ghosts with party hats.


Movie Theater Box Candy – Flavor of Your Choice

White Cardstock  Paper – Using heavier weight paper is important so that your ghost stands out crisply from the box and holds its shape.

Black Cardstock Paper – You could use black construction paper if you already have it, but cardstock paper makes a better presentation. 


1 1/4″ Circle Hole Punch – You could use scissors to cut circles, but the hole punch makes it much easier, especially if you’ll be making a lot of these ghost candy wrappers. 

Googly Eyes – You can use any size googly eyes. Different sizes create different expressions, so it’s fun to have a variety pack of googly eye sizes to choose from. 

Craft Glue – You can use any quick drying craft glue, but this is my favorite. It’s easy to apply and dries clear. 

Halloween Craft Steps

Using the white cardstock paper, cut a ghost shape out that is slightly larger than the box of candy. I freehand cut each one out, but if you’ll be making a bunch of these Halloween treats, you may want to create a pattern to use. 

2 boxes of candy, white ghost shape cut outs and red scissors

Cut a strip of  white paper approximately inch wide and long enough to wrap entirely around the box of candy.

cut out of ghost, strip of black paper with circles cut out and circle paper punch on wood table

Punch two eye sockets out of the black cardstock paper. 

simple ghost with googly eyes on wood table

Attach the black cardstock eyes and the googly eyes with the craft glue.

box of candy with white strip of paper on table

Wrap the strip of paper around the box of candy and crease the paper strip on each box corner.

close up of paper crafted ghosts with box of candy and red candy spilling out on table

Wrap the strip of paper around the box of candy and attach the ghost with the craft glue. The strip of paper should slide freely on the box of candy. This allows you to open the candy without damaging the ghost.

Aren’t these ghost candy wrappers just too adorable?! It’s such an easy Halloween craft that you could easily make it with school-aged children. 

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  1. These are so cute. What a nice way to dress up a treat! In my neighborhood, sometimes we try and get a little something special for the kids on the street (as opposed to those who trick or treat on our street but whom we may not know). This would be perfect!

    1. Thanks, Seana. I do the same thing with special treats, especially for children we know with allergies. Have a happy Halloween.

  2. That is a very cute idea for handing out treats in your child’s classroom! I like that they can open the candy without ruining the ghost.

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