Handmade Hanukkah Gift

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I enjoy making handmade Hanukkah gifts for friends. As a military family that moves every one to three years, it’s a special treat when we are stationed with friends from the past. While we have many friends that we’ve stayed in touch with for years, we rarely live near friends we’ve known more than the current assignment.

I had a wonderful surprise the first year when I ran into a friend that I’d lost touch with. It’s wonderful to spend time together and share memories of previous time together. This dear friend and her family celebrate Hanukkah. I look forward each year to finding  a handmade Hanukkah gift that I can surprise her family with.

Blue crocheted bag with gold foil chocolate candy spilling out. with title text reading Handmade Hanukkah Gift

The first happy Hanukkah gift I gave my friend’s children were handmade Hanukkah gift envelopes. I’ve also made:

This year I wanted to make a gift bag to hold chocolate gelt coins. The bag can be used after Chanukkah to hold the trinkets and treasures that all children collect.

For a brief and easy-to-understand guide to Hanukkah, check out this Hanukkah a Mini Guide to the Jewish Holiday from Nancy at Colors for Health.

To find an idea for anyone, try this collection of 10 Chanukkah ideas, crafts and gifts.

Handmade Hanukkah Gift

I found the crochet pattern for these gift pouches at Creative Jewish Mom. This is an easy crochet pattern that is good for beginning crocheters. I chose to use blue cotton thread to make these celebratory Hanukkah bags. 

silver ribbon partially threaded through blue crocheted edge

I added sparkly silver ribbon for the drawstring. The sparkly ribbon adds a bit of pizzazz. I simply wove it through the drawstring section of the pattern.  I found it easiest to cut the ribbon after I threaded it through the pouch and determined the best length.

I filled each pouch with chocolate gelt coins and tied the ribbon in a bow to close the pouches. 

crocheted blue bag with foil chocolate candy spilling out on wood table

The pouches turned out ah-dorable. Can’t you just think of a hundred little treasures that a child could store in one of these pouches? 

Who do you know that would love celebrating Hanukkah with a handmade  Hanukkah gift?

Pin for later so you can find this craft idea when you need it.

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  1. What a great idea, Susan! I think it would be wonderful to have handmade gelt bags that could be used year after year. Though my “kids” are adults now, we still use decorations and special cloths that my kids made in preschool! Last year, I bought a candy mold and made my own chocolate gelt wrapped in gold foil. I wish I had these little bags to put them in!

    1. How to make your own chocolate gelt, Wendy. You may have nudged me towards a new gift idea for my friend and her family for next Hanukkah. šŸ™‚

  2. Great job! I’m posting your photo on my blog and linking back to your post, only heard about it through another blogger, and it is soooooo timely since yesterday I posted a roundup of hanukkah crochet projects and today I could use something else, so thanks for that!

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