Hawaiian Beach Glass Party Lanterns

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Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

I grew up in Hawai’i. It’s home and it’s paradise.  Really.  My daughters have both danced hula and if you know anything about hula, the hula seestahs are a close-knit bunch.  Several months ago one of my daughter’s hula sisters had a sweet sixteen party (happy birthday, Kamalani!) and her mother asked if I could help with the center pieces.  Since it was a Hawaiian beach themed party and for our hula family I said, “Of course!”  I came up with these easy DIY Hawaiian beach glass party lanterns using recycled glass jars.

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

 It all starts with a hoard of recycled glass jars.  If you don’t have your own stash, just ask your hula family or friends to collect some for you and in a couple of weeks you’ll have plenty of jars.  Sort through and find the shapes and heights that you like. 

Remove the labels and wash well. I followed this tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks on making faux beach glass jars.  It’s easy to do. 

Hawaiian Beach Glass Party Lanterns


Glass jars – I used recycled glass jars, but you could purchase Mason jars

Glass paint – I used Martha Stewart Translucent Glass Paint

Sponge Brush

Embellishments – I used raffia and sea shells

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

The hardest part is learning how to pounce the paint onto the jar.  I used a sponge brush and found it best to pounce (bounce the brush up and down) to add a liberal amount of paint. 

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

More is more in this case and produced a more beachy look.

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

 Be sure to read the directions for your glass paint because they can have cure times of several weeks. Once the jars had cured, I added raffia on all the jars and a sea shell medallion on one jar for the birthday girl’s table.

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

We filled each Hawaiian beach glass jar with sand and added a battery operated votive candle.

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

For the party we added a raffia mat and more shells.

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

Here’s a party shot (thanks to Kamuela Photography!). The lanterns were a big hit with the birthday girl, her mama and the guests (several even asked if they could take a couple of jars home with them).

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It cost less than $20 to make 30+ jars.  And with the additional decorations the total cost was about $45. 

Recycled jars – free

Paint – $7

Sponge brush – (I already had) free

Sand – free from Freecycle

Battery votive candles – $1 for 3 at the dollar store

Raffia – $3 (for a giant bag)

Shells – $10

Luau mats – $14 for 12

Hawaii Beach Glass Party Lanterns - Organized 31

These Hawaiian beach glass party lanterns also make great home decor accents.


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  1. I had pinned this tutorial because it looks awesome and my mom loves sea glass! You did a great job!!

  2. I really love these jars. The color that you painted them is so calming and just perfect for the porch! Thanks for sharing the technique too!

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  4. I really need to dig into painting mason jars. I have a, ahem, small collection thanks to canning tons of stuff up until recently.

  5. Hi Susan – I can’t believe you made these beautiful decorations from ordinary jars. They are stunning! Hugs, Holly

  6. I love sea glass! These are gorgeous, thanks for sharing :). Small world, I grew up in Honolulu! What Area/Island are you from?
    Have a beautiful 4th!

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  8. Omgosh this post came just in time. I’m doing some beachy stuff for the house and was about to mod podge tint some jars, but I like the look of this better. Pinned. I hope you can come and share this post on Merry Monday on Sunday at 6pm PST.

  9. Love the way you colored the jars to look like sea grass. What a great idea. Hmmmmm
    Every year I look for sea glass on the beach in Virginia to no avail. Maybe its the wrong beach.
    Have a great weekend Susan!

    1. Thanks, Patti. I think it’s relaxing to look for sea glass on the beach, but your results are guaranteed if you make your own. šŸ™‚

  10. I LOVE this!! They look great! i can’t wait to try it! Thank you for sharing your link on MSB’s monthly link up! šŸ™‚

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  13. The paint comes in a spray can. Do you spray the sponge and then pounce or do you spray the jar then pounce.

    1. When I made these beach glass jars the paint came in a small bottle. You could try spraying one jar and spraying, then pouncing one to see which you like better, Monique. I have a sudden urge to get the spray version and make more jars. šŸ™‚

      1. I have searched and been to so many stores and I think it’s not available anymore. I will try some other paint and see. It sure is a great project.

  14. Did the translucent paint you used come as a spray paint or as a liquid? I can only find the spray online.

    1. I used a bottle of liquid paint, similar to craft paint. That was 8-ish years ago, so it may no longer be available. Let me know if you try the spray paint, Barbara and how it turns out.

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