DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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March is National Craft Month which means it’s a great time to craft (but then isn’t every month a great time to craft?). When Wayfair offered me the opportunity to redo the first craft I ever posted on my blog, I jumped up and down and squealed, “Yes!” I enjoy looking back at old pictures and old crafts just as much as I enjoy crafting (even when the old photos are a bit embarrassing). I took my first craft post and expanded on it to include more ideas for DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts that you can make in minutes or at the last minute. 

overhead view of papercrafted sleeves for candy bars next too pencil and eraser

With three children, I’ve made my share of teacher appreciation gifts over the years. At our current school, we’re given a list of our teachers’ favorite items, including their favorite candy bars. My very first craft post back in May 2012 was for Teacher Appreciation Gift…What in the world do you get a male teacher as a gift?  

paper craft that looks like school chalkboard

My son and I made this personalized sleeve for his teacher’s favorite candy bar. My son’s teacher enjoyed that my third grade son had made the gift specially for him (and the candy bar was a hit, too). 

paper craft that looks like school chalk board laying on notebook paper with pencils near by

In preparation for teacher appreciation week in May, I had fun with this craft redux. I’m still just as charmed with the new version of this easy teacher appreciate gift as I was with the original. This year we’re also making thank you gifts for the music teacher and gym teacher, too. 

decorative papers and stickers fanned out and stack of large candy bars

You can make these DIY teacher apprecition gifts with supplies you have at home and a quick trip to the store for candy bars. Look for large, flat candy bars to make it easier to make the decorated candy bar sleeve. Look through your stash of decorative paper, paper scraps and stickers to see what supplies you have that you can use.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Candy Bar – look for a large, flat candy bar 

Decorative Paper

Coordinating Solid Colored Paper

Scissors or Paper Cutter

Double Stick Tape

Permanent Markers

Did you know that you can find lots of craft supplies and craft supply storage ideas at Wayfair?

candy bar on top of sheet music with scissors, tape and a marker

I downloaded this  free sheet music image from The Knick of Time and printed it out on cream card stock paper. When I saw this candy bar called “Symphony”  I knew it was perfect for our music teacher appreciation gift. 

hands wrapping sheet music around a candy bar

Cut the base paper the width of the candy bar and long enough to wrap around the candy bar. Use your fingers to crease the paper around the edges of the candy bar. Use the double stick tape to seal this paper sleeve. 

paper sleeve for candy bar made from sheet music with personalized message

Decorate the candy bar sleeve and have your child write a thank you message to the teacher.

3 colorful paper crafted candy bar sleeves

You imagination is the only limit to the personalized DIY teacher appreciation gifts you can make for every teacher that works with your child.

candy bar sleeve that looks like baseball diamond laying next to a baseball

How about a sport themed teacher appreciation gift for the gym teacher or team coach?

overhead view of decorated candy bars with crayons on white wood table

Join me and Wayfair in celebrating National Craft Month by making DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts for the special teachers in your and your child’s life. 

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block of note paper tied with ribbon
large decorated  wood clothes pins with one holding a note
white coffee mug with red dot monogram
decorated  note pads tied with green ribbon

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  1. What a fun and clever idea! These all look fantastic, but I think my favorite is the blackboard ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you, Jamie. We were happy with the way they turned out. Hope your music teacher enjoys the gift.

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