Eco-Friendly Battery Storage Organizer & Tips

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4 small clear containers stacked with blue and white labels with names of different sizes of batteries on white table

Life is much better when organized. Holidays are so much better when simple and organized. I truly believe that simple organization makes life easier, calmer and just plain better. I’m also committed to keeping organization simple, inexpensive and earth-friendly whenever possible. Several years ago I worked out an eco-friendly battery storage organizer and tips to make our life (and holidays) organized, less stressed and thus, happier. You can organize your batteries in minutes and for pennies all while saving the landfill (that’s a win-win-win-win in my book).

Confession time. Have you ever had a panicked moment when you stood in front of your ecstatic child holding a brand new toy while you frantically rummage through drawers and cabinets looking for enough of the right-sized batteries to make that toy work? Slump. I know, I’ve been there, too. Watching that joyful, expectant face crumple and then try to be brave as they absorb the information that they cannot play with their treasured new toy until someone runs out and gets more batteries is tough. It is even more difficult during the holiday season. The month of December requires such a quantity and variety of batteries for decorations, toys, gadgets, electronics and just plain old life. Planning ahead and having an organized stash of batteries will make your holidays and life much happier (trust me).

small clear containers stacked with blue and white labels with names of different sizes of batteries on white table with package of batteries next to pine bough

Lucky for you, there’s plenty of time to get organized, inventory your batteries and stop by the store to stock up on the batteries you’ll need for a happy holiday season and happy family.  I bet you even have five minutes to make your own battery storage organizer, too.

If you’ve hung around Organized 31 much, you know that I can’t stand to throw away containers that can be repurposed. There are so many different types of packaging that come with food products that are perfect for organizing. I hate to throw them away or even recycle them when I can put them to an organizing use and save money (and the landfill) not buying a new organizing product.  

Several years ago I found that the plastic containers that lunch meat, deli food (that side salads come in) and produce come in make great battery organizing containers. Choose a container size based on the number of batteries you need to keep stocked in your home for your family’s needs.

Eco-Friendly Battery Storage Organizer


Repurposed plastic containers with lid

Washi Tape or Strips


clear containers, stack of polka dot papers, 2 rolls of polka dot washi tape, blue handled scissors and label maker on white table

Label Maker (or white label and marker)

My kitchen is white and blue so I chose blue washi tape to make the containers pretty and to make me happy every time I open the cabinet and see those pretty labels.  Simple and pretty organization makes me happy. If it only takes an extra minute to make it pretty. then it’s definitely worth it.

Start with a rectangle of washi tape for your label on one side of the plastic container. Consider which way the containers will fit best in your cabinet or closet to determine which side of the container to label. 

pair of blue handled scissors cutting edge of label that says "AA Batteries"

Add a label from your label maker to identify each size of batteries.  Keeping each battery size in a separate container makes it much easier to find the batteries you need (no more tumbling through a big pile of all different sized batteries).  It also makes it much easier to quickly see how many batteries you have (or need to buy).

small yellow sticky note on cream lid with the number 6 written on it next to clear container with package of batteries

I place a sticky note on the lid of each container and write how many batteries are the in the container. When we take batteries out or add new ones to the container, I simply mark through the previous inventory number and add the new battery count. Keeping an inventory count of the number of batteries for each different size saves me time wondering and counting batteries over and over again (it also saves frustration and tears when we don’t have enough batteries). 

2 small clear containers with blue and white labels with names of different sizes of batteries on white table and cream lids on top of containers

When I need to stock up on batteries, I can take a quick look at each container and determine in seconds how many more I need to buy of each size so I can stock up and be ready for all the holiday decorations, electronics and toys that will need new batteries. 

small clear containers stacked with blue and white labels with names of different sizes of batteries on white table

I have found that the repurposed lunch meat containers are perfect for our family’s needs for the smaller sized batteries, but I use deli containers for the larger sized batteries. 

overhead view of small clear containers with cream lids stacked with blue and white labels with names of different sizes of batteries on white table

For our family’s needs the AA  and AAA batteries fit perfectly in each of the repurposed organizing containers. 

small clear containers stacked with blue and white labels with names of different sizes of batteries on white table

Why not take five minutes right now to inventory and create your own eco-friendly battery storage organizer?

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  1. Our batteries are all over the place. Every time I see them on sale, I purchase a package and then put them somewhere “safe” never to found at the right time. Thanks for the tips – especially the sticky note idea.

  2. Oh do we know that feeling when there are no batteries in the house. Try it with Grandchildren…I’ve send Granddad out to save the day. We have a cabinet stocked but it’s not organized. I’ll have to repurpose some containers and I have a bag full downstairs.

  3. I think this is great! I need to get more organized with my batteries — it’s so much easier to grab the right bin and go, vs. looking through one big box. [client]

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I spent too many years tumbling through the one big box of batteries before I figured out that individual boxes work better for our family.

  4. This is the time of year to stock up on batteries. I love how you have them organized. I double love that Energizer is making more eco-friendly batteries.

  5. I love this idea! Most of my batteries are rolling around in a drawer (or 2) and I can never find them when I need them. I really must get more organized.

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