Peanut Free Halloween Treat Envelope

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3 DIY envelopes decorated to look like a mummy, a monster and a jack o'lantern

These envelopes are fun to make and easy enough to make with younger kiddos.  You’ll need to start with a gift certificate. 

pile of  Frosty coupons, brightly colored paper, googly eyes, tape and paper crimper

Once you get back from picking up your coupon books, grab some colored card stock (this is a great project to use up some of your paper scraps), a paper-trimmer or scissors, double stick tape, marker and googly eyes.  If you have a paper punch and paper crimper grab those, too.

free frosty coupon inside folded square of green paper

Measure your card stock so that it will wrap around your coupon and leave about a half an inch extra at the bottom of the coupon (this is where you’ll tape the envelope shut).

paper punch with oval shape and green paper

Tape the bottom and sides of the paper shut with double stick tape.  If you have a paper punch that is the right shape, punch an opening to make it easier to pull the coupon out.  If you don’t have a punch, just use your scissors to cut the opening.

hand holding blue paper crimper with orange paper going through the crimper

If you have a paper crimper, use it to crimp the bottom of the envelope.  This helps keep the double stick tape closed well.  No worries, if you don’t have a crimper, just skip this step.

hand holding black marker drawing lines on white paper

Make Halloween-y characters by using the googly eyes and markers or scrap paper.

close up of 3 DIY envelopes decorated to look like a mummy, a monster and a jack o'lantern

What is it about those googly eyes that make these envelopes so adorable?

3 DIY envelopes decorated to look like a mummy, a monster and a jack o'lantern

Who do you know that would enjoy a peanut free Halloween treat envelope filled with a coupon?

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  1. What a great idea! I never really thought about the poor kids with allergies. I will have to make a few of these up this year. We love Frostys!

  2. Hi Susan – What a great idea and great organization to support! We usually keep a separate container of non-peanut treats since we have kids in the neighborhood with allergies, but I like this idea better – no worries! Hugs, Holly

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