Fast Family Meals with Ling Ling Fried Rice

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I’m a busy mom of three. I know many of you can relate to those crazy busy weekday nights when I just don’t know how I’m going to get dinner on the table. It doesn’t matter how busy my family is, it’s still important to us to all sit down together as a family, And I always want to serve a nutritious home-cooked meal everyone will like. Over the years, I’ve figured out what’s important to me in our fast family meals and that helps me make smart dinner choices.

2 white square bowls of fried rice and 2 glasses of water on white table

Sitting down together for dinner is a must in our family. Research has shown that sitting down to a family meal really does make a positive difference for your children. That’s why no matter how busy we are, we make it a priority to have dinner together every night. Finding meals with high quality ingredients that are easy to make quickly is the key to ensuring we can have dinner together no matter how hectic our schedule is. 

Fast Family Meals with Ling Ling Fried Rice

A great fast family meal is:

  • A meal everyone in my family loves.
  • Is easy to keep on-hand for when I need it. I like to stock up on meals that can be ready and waiting for an unexpectedly busy day.
  • Can be made in under 15 minutes, start to finish. I want to eat home-cooked meals, but I need them to be easier than going out to eat. 
2 white square bowls of fried rice and 2 glasses of water on white table
  • Is made with all natural ingredients. Even though we’re crazy busy, it’s still important to me to feed my family high quality ingredients. 
  • Is a one dish meal. Who needs extra dishes to wash on a hectic night? Not this busy mom. 
close up side view of fried rice in white bowl with fork
  • Is easy to make in flexible portions. With an active duty husband that is always traveling and two of my “babies” in college, sometimes everyone sitting down to dinner is all five of us and sometimes it’s just two of us. Plus, with a teen son that seems to be growing each day (and eating more and more and more), it’s great to be able to make flexible portions depending on the day and the situation.
overhead view of box and bags of frozen fried rice

I’ve recently discovered Ling Ling Fried Rice. It immediately became a frequently requested meal in my family. You can find it in the frozen meals section of your grocery store. The meals are based on authentic Asian inspired recipes from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand. You can choose from:

3 yellow boxes of frozen fried rice
  • Yakitori Chicken
  • Yakiniku Beef
  • Thai-Style Chicken
  • Chinese-Style Vegetable
  • Bibimbap Beef
close up of containers high lighting "made in the USA"

You know I how happy I was to find that they’re Made in the USA! Each box comes with two bags so you can choose to make a smaller portion or a larger amount. 

Ling Ling creates superior flavor with their new infusion cooking method that infuses each grain of rice with Ling Ling’s signature sauces. That means that each bite is filled with incredible flavor so good that it’s better than going out to eat. 

close up of bowl of fried rice with chopsticks in the background

I like that Ling Ling is made with high quality ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. 

I was able to prepare all three dishes in under 15 minutes. You only need one pan, although I used three since I had three different flavors of dishes for my family. I was impressed with how fresh tasting each of the three dishes were. Everyone in my family raved about how much they liked all three Ling Ling Fried Rice dishes. Yea! I’ve got new go-to fast family meals that make everyone in my family happy. 

You can get a coupon for $2 off a box of Ling Ling Fried Rice now. Be sure to stock up so that you are ready for the next crazy busy night with fast family meals that your family will love. 

close up of bowl of fried rice on table with other dishes with title text overlay reading Fast Family Meals with Ling Ling Fried Rice

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  1. I like that the dish can be made in one pan! I don’t like washing dishes, so the less dishes to wash, the better! It’s also great that it can be made so quickly! I never knew you could make a meal in less than 30 minutes!

  2. Okay, you got me with fast family meals and what a treat it is! I have never heard of this rice nor have I seen it in the store. Probably because I wasn’t paying attention. This is so up my alley with convenience and healthiness and of course…quick and simple . I’ve already searched for places to buy and will be checking this out soon! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’ll find it in the frozen foods section of your grocery store. It really is delicious. Everyone in my family voted to have it again (and again). šŸ™‚

  3. On days that are super busy and I’m too exhausted to cook by the time I get home, I tend to order delivery… which can get pricey! I am going to stock my freezer with some Ling Ling Fried Rice meals, to plan ahead for my busy days and save some money šŸ™‚

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