Laser Tag Birthday Party

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 Need an easy, fun birthday party for a 9-12 year old boy? A laser tag party is the way to go. Let the laser tag facility do all the tough work and you can just add a few fun touches.
a yellow and green sign with colored lightning bolts on it with text on it reading Happy 10th Birthday and title text reading Laser Tag Party

I love easy ideas that pack a lot of punch (what busy mom doesn’t?!) Planning a laser tag party allows you to focus on fun party details while the facility does all the difficult work. You still win cool party points with your child, but don’t pull your hair while doing it.  

cupcakes decorated for a laser tag party with title text reading Laser Tag Birthday

Laser Tag Birthday Party

I decided to go with cupcakes to make my life a little less stressed this year.  They were easier to make, easier to transport and easier to serve. 
I found colorful striped cupcake papers.  We cut candy into lightening bolt laser shapes to decorate the tops of the cupcakes.
a white cutting board with candy in it cut to look like lightning bolts
title text reading PicMonkey Photo editor design tool try it free start now
 I made a birthday “logo” on PicMonkey, printed them out and attached them to toothpicks.
wooden stick with a green sign with colored lightning bolts on it with text on it reading Happy 10th Birthday
And with very little fuss, we had 20+ cupcakes ready to go.
cupcakes decorated for a laser tag party
In addition to a gift bag, we gave wacky-shaped balloons filled with pixie sticks.   It was fun for the boys because they had to pop the balloon to get to the candy. 
The key to making this work is you have to fold the pointy corners of the pixie sticks down so they don’t pop the balloon while you’re inflating it, while you’re tying the knot, while you’re carrying it over to the tub, while you’re…. can you guess how I figured out about the pointy corners?
candy stix
Insert 2-3 pixie sticks and then inflate the balloon.   Once the balloon is partially inflated you can add more pixie sticks and then re-inflate the balloon.
pixy sticks and a deflated balloon
Candy-filled balloons for fun party favors with title text reading Pixie Stick Balloon Favors

These pixie stick balloon favors were a bit hit.  The kids thought it was lots of fun to pop the balloon to get to the candy. 

I made Jell-O popcorn from the recipe {here}.  It’s really tasty and turned out in fun neon colors.  We chose M&M and Jelly Belly candies because of the fun bright colors.   The boys had a great time scooping out their own candy choices.  Sorry parents for all the hyped up boys!
3 clear containers with scoops in them full of popcorn, m&ms, and jelly bellies
The laser tag party was a big hit with my son and his friends.  For me it was a big success because it was fun and easy and somebody else had to do the clean up!
decorated cupcakes next to 3 containers of popcorn and candy with title text reading Laser Tag Party

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