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one image is of a hand holding a capri sun pouch, the other image is a sign with an image of a surfer and a palm tree on it with title text reading American Picker Worthy Upcycle
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My teens and tween really enjoy Capri Sun Big Pouch drinks.  We enjoy them with outside and sports activities and also as a special treat.  My children’s favorite flavor is the Capri Sun Big Pouch Strawberry Kiwi.  And since the Big Pouch is big, I love that it has a  resealable lid.  And  if you spend any time around here, you know I love an easy upcycle project.  But let me back up and start at the beginning of the #CapriSunPickers story.
Last week, I ran to Walmart with my son and teen daughters to do a little shopping.  As a treat, I took them to the juice aisle and let them pick out some Capri Sun Big Pouch drinks.  Each of my children decided they wanted to get a different flavor.  My 17- year old wanted the Strawberry Kiwi.  My 15-year old wanted the Fruit Punch and my son wanted the Maui Cooler.
Capri Sun Big Pouch, Maui Cooler, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Kiwi #shop
We decided we’d take them to enjoy at our neighborhood Labor Day party. My children enjoyed the drinks and brought the empty Capri Sun Big Pouches home after the party.
3 images of a Capri Sun Big Pouch, Maui Cooler, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Kiwi
I looked at those pouches as I was about to throw them away.  I really like the bright graphic nature of the images.  I just couldn’t throw them away.  I wanted to find something to do with the pouch before I recycled it.  You can learn more about recycling your Capri Sun pouches in this video. 


Monday night, we watched one of our favorite shows, featuring Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History.  My children and I love that show!  I appreciate that it’s perfect for the entire family (I don’t have to worry about inappropriate language or behavior).  I love that it teaches my family about geography, history and Americana.   My children enjoy the show just as much as I do because it’s interesting and charmingly funny.Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History shares some great picking tips here.


The only thing better than watching American Picker Mike Wolfe share picking tips, is to win an American Pickers Adventure where 1 lucky winner will be flown with 3 friends to Nashville to go on a half-day pick with him!  (Hmmm, my 3 children + me = 4! Guess who is definitely going to be entering the contest?)

100 other winners will receive the Capri Sun Pickers Prize Packs, with everything you need to do your own pick, including a messenger bag, the Kid Pickers book, magnifying glass, gloves, bandannas, flashlights, a journal and pen, a t-shirt, and Carabineers

Entering is easy.  Simply follow the picking tips in the video and go on your own pick. Take a photo of your cool pick and upload the photo with a caption describing where and how you found your pick.  And bonus points if you can make American Picker Mike Wolfe laugh with your entry.

You can learn more about how to enter {here}  and get all the details from American Picker Mike Wolfe himself in this video.


So,while we were watching TV, American Picker Mike Wolfe discovered several beautiful old graphic signs, I had a light bulb moment. Bing!  I could use the Capri Sun graphics plus an item I’d picked myself to make a sign of my own.
I already had this plant stand I’d picked up from Freecycle.  American Picker Mike Wolfe, would be proud of my picking ability. The table was free, and saved from the landfill, but it was unusable as a table.  However, there was something about those round trays that I really liked.  I saved the trays and had been looking for a way to repurpose them.
a plant stand on a brick pathway
I grabbed the Capri Sun pouches that I’d saved.  I really liked the design of the Capri Sun Big Pouch Fruit Punch.  But…
Capri Sun Big Pouch Fruit Punch with palm tree surfing graphic
I really liked the color of the Capri Sun Big Pouch Maui Cooler.
Capri Sun Big Pouch Maui Cooler surfing graphic  #shop
So I scanned the Strawberry Kiwi pouch and used photo editing software to change the colors of the graphic, making most of the image blue and just the sun stayed red.  I printed the new image out on the back of  handouts that had come home from school.  (if you’re going to do a repurpose project, you might as well repurpose everything!)
I grabbed a tray from the plant stand, a pencil, scissors, a sponge brush and decoupage glue.
Organized 31 - Capri Sun Big Pouch UpCycled Sign #shop
I traced around the tray and cut the image out so that it would just fit the top of the tray.
Upcycled Capri Sun Big Pouch Graphic Sign before being assembled
I used the decoupage glue only on the back of the image (I wanted to keep the matte look of the paper on my sign).  And in less than 30 minutes total, I had an upcycled American Pickers worthy sign that used a Capri Sun Big Pouch Fruit Punch image, repurposed paper and a repurposed tray.
Upcycled Capri Sun Pouch Metal Tray Sign with title text reading American Picker Worthy Upcycle
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I knew I’d done well with this upcycle when my 17-year old walked in and immediately asked if she could have this sign to hang in her room.  Woo hoo.   I earned the teen daughter stamp of approval on this graphic sign. I’m sure that American Picker Mike Wolf would be proud of me.
If you like repurposing items or finding old treasures as much as I do, be sure to enter {here}to win a chance to go on your own pick with Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History.
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  1. You are so creative! I love what you did with the Capri Sun Big Pouch containers. Thanks so much for sharing about this fun contest!

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