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This is the time of year that really drags along for college students. The newness has worn off for freshman and the workload has worn everyone down. Receiving a surprise care package is a real treat for a college student and something I try to do every year for new students that our family knows.
How to Make a College Care Package - Organized 31

I always begin with homemade cookies.  One of my favorites to include are Candy Bar Cookies.  Send a double-batch because you know that in college the vultures come out as soon as someone receives a care package.  You want your student to be able to share with friends and have some left over to enjoy.

I save ice cream tubs and other food grade containers that I can use to send the cookies in. 
a tub of vanilla ice cream

I use double-stick tape to attach some decorative paper to make the container just a little more festive (a care package is all about fun and surprise, right?). 

decorative paper on a tub lid
I include other items that a student might find useful and won’t think to buy.  This year I included office supplies.  In the past I’ve included basic first aid items.  You could also include personal care items. 
a variety of office supplies
I made two care packages, one for Amber and one for E. (a guy).  For Amber, I included the duct tape folder and pencil box I’d made back in August (I was planning ahead).  The pencil box was filled with the office supplies I’d purchased.  I also found this cute dry erase board and magnets to include. 
pencil box and folder
For E., I also included the dry erase board and magnets but added the pencil box and pencil cup I made back in August.  The pencil box was also filled with office supplies.
pencil box and can
I was too efficient in packing the boxes and forgot to take photos, but I used granola bars, individual drink mix packets and individual-sized snack packs to fill the box and serve as packing material.
I’ve heard that the care packages were enjoyed.  I’m glad and I really enjoyed putting the care packages together.  Can’t wait to surprise these college students again in the Spring.
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  1. OMGosh, Susan you are just so sweet. I can imagine the students were tickled pink to receive your care packages. I would be. What a wonderful surprise.

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