Beach Scavenger Hunt

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What fun beach game can you play that won’t require toting a bunch of equipment? A beach scavenger hunt, of course. Kids of all ages, and even adults, enjoy playing a scavenger hunt. This free printable is easy to take with you and enjoy on your next trip to the beach

4 Children holding hands and jumping at the beach with images of beach scavenger hunt sheets below

A trip to the beach is a big part of many families’ summer plans. I grew up in Hawai’i and going to the beach was something we did almost every weekend. There are many fun things to do at the beach and I’ve shared 20 beach activities for every budget. But often those activities involve dragging extra equipment with you. Let’s be honest, who want to drag more beach stuff with you? Somehow a simple trip to the beach already requires too many things. 

But no worries, this scavenger hunt for the beach is a simple solution.

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Beach Scavenger Hunt
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How to Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

It’s simple to set up a beach scavenger hunt.

  1. Get your free beach scavenger hunt when you sign up for our free newsletter. You’ll promptly receive an email with the scavenger hunt pdf after you sign up.
  2. Download your free copy of the Beach Scavenger Hunt printable (below).
  3. Print as many copies as you need.
    • Print extra copies because some will get lost and you may want to play the game more than one time.
  4. Consider laminating the sheets.
    • Laminating the sheets will make them hold up better to the damp and windy beach conditions. It also allows you to reuse the sheets multiple times. This is my favorite affordable and easy-to-use laminator. I used it when I created my morning routine charts. 
  5. Decide if you’ll have the players mark off the items or take pictures of them
  6. Bring pens or pencils if needed.
  7. Decide the rules of your game.
    • You can have each person compete individually or create teams.
    • It’s helpful to team a younger child with an older child or adult so that they can play along.
    • You can require that the winner find every item on their sheet.
    • Or you can use the sheet like a Bingo card and require the winner to find all the items in a row or column.
    • You can limit the game to a designated area or allow the players to range all over the beach in search of the items.
    • The great thing about a scavenger hunt is that you can set it up any way you’d like.
  8. Have fun!

Beach Scavenger Hunt

I created these four beach scavenger hunt sheets so that they’re all different.

images of 4 scavenger hunt sheets for the beach

You can print the sheets out as many times as you’d like. Each sheet is slightly different so that players are searching for different items. If you choose not to laminate the sheets, you may want to print them out on card stock paper so that they’re a bit more sturdy than regular printer paper. 

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Now that you’ve got your beach scavenger hunt printable ready to go, finish packing and have a wonderful time at the beach!

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