Organizing My Kitchen with Repurposed Packaging

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Sometime in the midst of our 5 moves in 6 years, I decided that it wasn’t wise to buy a bin that fit perfectly in a kitchen only to find that it wouldn’t fit at all in the next kitchen. It felt wasteful and was definitely annoying. I purchased a few small, multi-purpose bins that are able to fit in any kitchen. When we move, those bins find a new home and purpose quickly. But for larger storage, I’ve chosen to repurpose items I already have. Lately, I find myself repurposing a lot of food packaging materials.
plastic lettuce container.
glass pickle jars on refrigerator shelf.
boxes on refrigerator shelf with arrow pointing to tray.

One of my favorite repurposed organizing bins is the lid from plastic vegetable containers.
Plastic lid corrals jars on the top shelf of the fridge.
A plastic lid contains loose items so they don’t get lost in the back of the fridge.

bottles on clear tray with arrow pointing to tray.
Plastic lid catches the drips from bottles in my cabinet, keeping the cabinet from getting gross and sticky.
Since every house we’ve lived in has had a different sized pantry (and a bunch had no pantry), I repurpose containers for organizing the food and snacks in my current pantry. 
kitchen pantry with arrows pointing to containers.
 I use jars that popcorn comes in to store noodles and pastas.
Gotta love Costco for supplying an organizing mom with an amazing selection of organizing boxes! I’m currently using a Jif box to hold my breads and rolls. I’m on the lookout for something prettier, but the Jif box works just fine for now.
I use a Go Go Squeeze box to hold different fruit snacks for my family to take in their lunch boxes.
I use another Costco find, an empty animal cracker jar, to store individual serving lunch box snacks. The jar is perfect for my pantry because 1. it’s square and conserves space on my shelf  2. is clear so we can see what snacks are available and 3. has a large mouth so it’s easy to reach in and grab the snack you want.
freezer with arrows pointing to containers.
That Go Go Squeeze box is a great size. I use another one in my freezer to keep bags of frozen vegetables together.
I’m also using the bottom of the produce box (the one I took a lid-tray from aearlier) to hold bags of chopped spinach. 
Using the boxes to hold bags of frozen food helps keep the freezer organized and prevents everything from falling out on me every time I open the freezer. It also help prevent a bags of vegetable from getting lost in the dim recesses of the freezer.
kitchen cupboard neatly organized with an arrow pointing to a box on a shelf.

More Costco boxes help me store items on the top shelf of my cabinets.

kitchen cupboard with box organizing items and arrow pointing to it.
I also reuse plastic buckets from ice cream, laundry detergent or my favorite Zippy’s Chili!
container holding plastic bags under kitchen sink.

It may not be glamorous, but it’s useful AND cost effective, oh, and earth friendly, too.

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  1. Great idea! If you ever want to fancy up the boxes some, you could always cover them in fabric or wrapping paper to match them to your kitchen.

    1. You are so right. I periodically think I should decorate those boxes, but somehow haven’t gotten to it yet. šŸ™‚ I’ll have to put it back on the “to do” list and see if I can get around to it. Can you remind me in a week or so? šŸ™‚

  2. I love your idea of reusing food containers. I do the same thing. I save everything: jars, cereal boxes, tea packages, etc. Swiffer boxes are great for organization.

    Organizing on a Budget

  3. This is great! I love using old containers for new purposes. I may even be guilty of hoarding “good” containers (my husband doesn’t really appreciate them like I do šŸ™‚ ). Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    -Chaney (Came over from IHeart Organizing)

  4. Great ideas. I do love the boxes we get from Costco for so many things! Another thing that I have used in the pantry under my oils and syrups is an older kind of beat up cookie sheet w/ sides. I wrapped it in foil, and every couple of months I check it… if it has suffered from some drips, I throw off the old foil and put new on.

  5. i have recycled hundreds of Velveeta Cheese boxes over the years! They are great drawer dividers, hold medicines & spices, silverware in picnic baskets and refrigerator codiments. They’re good for colored pencils and just so much more!

  6. I love this idea! I’ve been needing to organize my pantry and refrigerator. I had never considered reusing lids from other containers.

  7. What a frugal way of organizing. Looks so much better – what a difference a little organizing can make!

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