Purse Storage Ideas

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More than 100 purse storage ideas for every need and both a large collection or a few favorite handbags. There are ideas for every budget, every style of purse and every storage space.

person selecting purse from wall storage rack with title text reading 100+ purse storage ideas.

I’ve lived in more than 20 different homes of all different sizes and styles. That meant that I had to find different ways to organize and store my purses to accommodate different homes and storage spaces. My personal experience and experience as a professional organizer provides the insight for this collection of handbag storage ideas.

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How do you store many purses?

If you have a large purse collection, you need to plan and choose the best organization ideas for your needs and space.

You need to consider both storing all your different bags and protecting them during storage.

Choose the purse storage ideas that work best for the types of bags you have.

  • Designer bags
  • Shoulder bag
  • Satchel
  • Messenger bag
  • Leather handbags
  • Fabric bags
  • Smaller bags. wristlets or clutches
  • Crossbody
  • Backpack handbag
  • Hobo bag
  • Vegan leather purses
  • Woven purse

Take advantage of of the vertical space on walls or doors.

  • Place hooks on part of the wall above your head where they’re out of the way.
  • Place shelves in the otherwise unused space over the door into the bedroom and into the closet.
  • Place shelves in the space over windows above window blinds or curtains.
  • Hang organizers on the door to hold purses.

Take advantage of otherwise unused space for efficient use of space to store your handbags.

  • The upper shelf in your closet
  • On the wall behind hanging clothes in your closet space or in the back of the closet
  • Storage under the bed
  • Clear plastic bins on the floor of the closet
  • Decorative hatboxes or storage bins stacked in the corner

Store smaller bags inside of larger bags. Store larger bags inside of tote bags. This is one of Marie Kondo’s organizing tricks.

pink and white purse with chain strap on white shelf.

Expert Tips for purse storage

  • Avoid placing purses in plastic bags or plastic containers, especially leather, to prevent mildew and mold. Be sure to allow your purse to breathe so that any moisture can evaporate.
  • Place a pouch or two of silica gel in your purse when you store it to absorb moisture. You can repurpose silica gel packs that come in products you purchase, or buy new silica gel packs.
  • Protect purses while in storage.
    • Cover them to prevent collecting dust in nooks and crannies.
    • Also protect them from direct sunlight, fading and discoloration.
    • Placing each purse in an individual bag can be the best way to protect them.
      • Breathable cotton dust bags are often the best choice for leather and designer handbags.
      • Clear dust bags make it easy to visually identify the contents.
      • You can also use a repurposed pillow case.
green leather satchel handbag.
  • Clean your purse before storing it to prevent stains and remove debris. Dust can cause the stitching to deteriorate over time.
    • Clean both the interior and exterior with a soft cloth or soft brush designed for cleaning purses.
    • Check the proper cleaning steps for each purse’s material.
  • Stuff the bag or use a handbag shaper so that it holds its shape and doesn’t get wrinkled or creased. It’s important to plan handbag storage to keep the shape of your bag while it’s in storage.
    • Use clean tissue paper, paper towels or fabric to fill the shape of your purse.
    • You can also purchase purse shapers.
close up of chain strap and handle of red bag.
  • Remove straps and accessories so they don’t crease or mark the purse in storage.
    • Loosely roll the strap. If you fold the strap it can create creases.
    • Wrap each of the items in paper or cloth and place them inside the purse so they don’t get lost.
  • Store purses flat on the back so that there is no sagging or bending, especially for large or tall bags.
  • Add a tag to identify each bag in a dust bag so you can quickly find the purse you want.

Purse Storage Solutions

Waterproof storage or water resistance can be a great solution if you make sure that the purses are moisture-free before you put them away.

9 clear plastic purse storage bags with purses.
5 clear storage bags holding purses and green hooks.
clear acrylic box with blue high heeled shoes.

Find the best dust covers for bags, including breathable dust covers, for your purse collections.

clear plastic storage bag with handles.
3 cream colored fabric bags with black drawstrings.
10 cream and grey drawstring bags.
cloth bag half covering brown designer handbag.
4 clear bags in different sizes with hooks covering purses.
3 white fabric bags with one partially covering a brown purse.

If you’d like to highlight favorite handbags, a purse display can be the best option.

2 gold stands with one holding a red handbag.
a green purse and green shoe on two clear stands with gold legs.
2 rose gold purse stands with 2 hooks each.
5 clear acrylic purse stands.
2 silver vertical stands with hook.
silver stand with hooks holding colorful ties.

Hooks to hang purses from a hanging rod can be a great option for shoulder bags.

close up of 3 rose gold hooks holding purse straps.
2 silver hanging hooks, 1 holding six purses.
4 white plastic hooks with curved support for bag handle.
close up of 3 clear hooks holding purse straps.
4 hooks in different colors with area to hold 2 purse straps each.
clear hanger with 6 hooks to hold purses.
4 white 'S' hooks to hold purses.
3 black 'S' hooks on rod holding purse straps.
silver hanger on rod holding 2 purses with additional hooks.

Purse organizers to hang in your closet is a great storage solution if you have enough space in the closet.

grey and clear hanger with 6 pockets holding purses.
tan and clear hanging purse holder with 10 slots.
white and clear 4 pocket hanging purse holder.
grey and clear vertical hanging 4-slot purse storage.
black mesh 6-slot hanging purse holder.
2 white and clear hanging purse holders, with 4 and 3 storage slots.
6 grey and white hanging purse storage with 2 or 4 slots.
pink and clear 8-slot hanging purse storage on closet rod with white shirt.
8-pocket white and clear hanging purse storage.

Over-the-door organizers allow you to use available space on the closet door or bedroom door.

2 grey and clear hanging storage, 1 with purses and one with towels.
2 grey storage straps with purses.
white over-the-door hanger with wood ball pegs.
silver over-the-door arched hooks holding purse straps and hat.
grey over-the-door hanging storage pockets.
2 white plastic over the door hooks.

Wall hooks can provide storage while highlighting your purse collection as room décor.

white accordion hook rack holding hat, purse and scarf.
modern style jewel tone circles with gold hooks mounted on wall.
6 clear acrylic wall hooks.

Take advantage of shelf space on closet shelves with acrylic shelf dividers or fabric dividers and keep your purses in easy reach.

grey fabric shelf dividers organizing purses and sweaters.
clear acrylic shelf dividers in closet with purses and shoes.
clear acrylic shelf dividers with organized shelf above.

Additional purse storage ideas

Acrylic bins or boxes with a clear window allow you to see the purses stored inside. If you use opaque storage bins, identify the contents with labels to make it easy to find the exact purse you want.

3 grey and clear fabric storage bins with handles stacked.
4 grey, pink and tan divided storage bins with lids.
16 compartment white storage cube unit.
2 tan storage cubes with clear wind and lid.
two clear open storage bins with handles, one holding purses.
3 stacked open tan storage bins with white rope handles.
2 white mesh and tan compartmented open storage bins.
6 grey fabric open bins with handles.
2 stacked open shallow grey storage bins with handles.

Clear stackable boxes, the ones used for shoe storage, can be a great way to provide easy access to purses. These boxes are a favorite of professional organizers. They come in clear drop front styles and pull-out drawer styles. They also come with breathable panels to allow air circulation while also protecting from dust.

2 stacks of clear shoe storage boxes.
3 clear shoe storage boxes with front open door.
3 stacks of white and clear shoe storage boxes filled with sneakers.

Multipurpose purse storage ideas

These are storage ideas that can hold a variety of items, including purses.

3 section 7-shelf shoe and boot storage shelves with clear doors.
silver 2 tower storage unit with hanging bar in middle.
grey 4-compartment hanging storage with hanging rod at bottom.
2 shelf grey storage shelf with 2 storage bins.
6 cubbie white storage unit.
3 compartment white wire handing storage holding yarn and fabric.

Small Bag and Clutch Storage

2 clear acrylic 3 compartment storage, 1 holding clutches.
2 clear acrylic 5 compartment storage, 1 holding clutches.
3 level clear acrylic riser.
6 compartment clear purse storage box holding various purses.
5 compartment clear under-shelf hanging purse storage.
flat black with clear pockets hanging storage holding various wallets and clutches.

DIY Purse Storage Ideas

Use shower curtain rings or shower curtain hooks on the clothing rod or tension rod to hang purses by their straps.

Repurpose a curio cabinet. It’s a great way to display your handbag collection so you can enjoy it.

You can often use other closet organizers as purse storage solutions. Do you already have products for

Magazine holders turned on their back or side can hold smaller purses on a shelf.

white 3 compartment magazine rack.

A wall organizer for magazines or files can hold thin or small purses.

3 clear acrylic wall storage pockets holding envelopes.
8-slot black wire wall file organizer.

Hang hooks on the wall to create a wall display for your purses.

Command hooks in a size large enough to hold a purse can be the perfect solution, especially for renters

package of 2 metallic looking command hooks.

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Be sure to pin these hat storage ideas so that you can refer to these tips and products when you’re ready to organize your purse collection or try different ways to store them.

See my favorite storage and clothes organizing ideas and more in the table below. ​You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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