Ready for the Summer – Grab n’ Go Outdoors Kit

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a tin, wet ones, packages of bug guard, and sunscreen with title text reading Summer Outdoors Kit
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I shared this easy but hugely helpful idea when I guest posted over at Crafty Meggy 2 weeks ago.
I blogged last summer {here} about how happy I was when I found this cute puzzle box at the thrift shop. When I saw the puzzle box, I knew immediately what I wanted to repurpose it into.
a tin with the word Classics on it and 2 people having a picnic at the beach in front of an old woody car
With 3 children and lots of summer activities, I found that since we were always running 20 different  places every day I kept forgetting to bring sunscreen or bug spray.  I got tired of the “duh, I forgot it again”  moments.
To solve the problem and take good care of my family, I collected the items we need at a typical outdoor activity:

Baby Wipes                          Bug-off spray                    Sunscreen            Hand sanitizer

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wet ones, packages of bug guard, and sunscreen
These items easily fit into my cute little puzzle tin.
a package of wet ones in a tin
In case you don’t have a cute little tin laying around, you could repurpose a pencil box (especially now with kids bringing used school supplies home at the end of the school year).
sunscreen, bug guard, and wet ones in a pencil box
Or if your children are younger, you could repurpose a baby wipes box (do they even make this style any more?)
sunscreen, bug guard, and wet ones in a pencil box
My handy Grab n’ Go Summer Outdoors Kit has found its happy home in the trunk of the car and now I never forget to bring these items with me in the craziness of herding a family of 5 out the door to the next activity.
sunscreen, bug guard, and wet ones next to a tin
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  1. Hi Susan,Thanks for sharing – great idea. My Mom has a bag she keeps with her so she is always prepared to go out with her great granddaughters. To be honest, I don’t know what she has in there. But I do know she has toys, pens and paper in her van at all times. In the summer she also has buckets and shovels. Just in case. :)Bye for now, Darlene

  2. That’s a perfect idea. I always seem to find myself in a situation where I’ve forgotten sunscreen. I’ll have to make one of these and try it out. Stopping by from the Thriftiest Miss.AngelaAngela Says: All Natural Wood Polish

  3. Totally great idea! I’m always running all over the house gathering things for an outing. This would be so much faster! Pinned.~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  4. Super smart idea! We keep one in our garage but it would be better to have one that is more easily transported.

  5. I have something similar in a bag. That is really nice! Would you consider linking this up with me? Thanks!

  6. This is an awesome idea! I’m pinning this and sharing it on my Facebook page this week; thanks so much for linking it up to my party!

  7. Hi Susan, Featuring your tee shirt diy & this tomorrow on Inspiration Spotlight @ Thanks for sharing & grab your featured button. Feel free to share again tomorrow! Theresa

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