Ready for the Summer – Grab n’ Go Outdoors Kit

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a tin, wet ones, packages of bug guard, and sunscreen with title text reading Summer Outdoors Kit
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I shared this easy but hugely helpful idea when I guest posted over at Crafty Meggy 2 weeks ago.
I blogged last summer {here} about how happy I was when I found this cute puzzle box at the thrift shop. When I saw the puzzle box, I knew immediately what I wanted to repurpose it into.
a tin with the word Classics on it and 2 people having a picnic at the beach in front of an old woody car
With 3 children and lots of summer activities, I found that since we were always running 20 different  places every day I kept forgetting to bring sunscreen or bug spray.  I got tired of the “duh, I forgot it again”  moments.
To solve the problem and take good care of my family, I collected the items we need at a typical outdoor activity:

Baby Wipes                          Bug-off spray                    Sunscreen            Hand sanitizer

wet ones, packages of bug guard, and sunscreen
These items easily fit into my cute little puzzle tin.
a package of wet ones in a tin
In case you don’t have a cute little tin laying around, you could repurpose a pencil box (especially now with kids bringing used school supplies home at the end of the school year).
sunscreen, bug guard, and wet ones in a pencil box
Or if your children are younger, you could repurpose a baby wipes box (do they even make this style any more?)
sunscreen, bug guard, and wet ones in a pencil box
My handy Grab n’ Go Summer Outdoors Kit has found its happy home in the trunk of the car and now I never forget to bring these items with me in the craziness of herding a family of 5 out the door to the next activity.
sunscreen, bug guard, and wet ones next to a tin
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  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for sharing – great idea. My Mom has a bag she keeps with her so she is always prepared to go out with her great granddaughters. To be honest, I don’t know what she has in there. But I do know she has toys, pens and paper in her van at all times. In the summer she also has buckets and shovels. Just in case. šŸ™‚
    Bye for now, Darlene

  2. Totally great idea! I’m always running all over the house gathering things for an outing. This would be so much faster! Pinned.

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  3. Hi Susan, Featuring your tee shirt diy & this tomorrow on Inspiration Spotlight @ Thanks for sharing & grab your featured button. Feel free to share again tomorrow! Theresa

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