Stock Up on Candy at After Christmas Sales

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten way too many sweets and treats this month.  Why in the world would you want to stock up on candy at after Christmas sales you ask.  Stores always have holiday wrapped candy left over and they discount it up to 75% off the week after Christmas.  I take advantage of these sales to buy what appears to be Christmas wrapped candy, but really is candy for 3 upcoming holidays.

graphic images of red and white candy on green background with red text overlay

Stores always have candy that is wrapped specially for the holidays that they discount at the after Christmas sales.  Look for not-Christmas specific candy.  A candy cane is always going to say Christmas no matter what you do to it.  But there will be lots of other candy that is fine year round.  It’s marked down because it’s wrapped in Christmas-y colored foil or is in a Christmas-y bag.  That won’t be a problem for us.

Stock up on candy at after Christmas sales - Organized 31

What looks like Christmas candy becomes something else when it’s taken out of the Christmas-y bag and separated out into each color.  It becomes Valentine’s candy, St. Patrick’s day candy and Mardi Gras candy!

red bag of Christmas candy with candy separated into groups by color or wrappers

 I used after Christmas sale candy to make all these gifts.  And I saved 75% by buying sale candy!  So mark your calendar and make your shopping list now. You’ve got February and March holiday gifts just waiting for you.

decorated recycled bottle filled with candy
3n small green buckets filled with gold foil wrapped candy with gift tags
3 small recycled cups decorated and filled with candy
close up of green and purple decorated cup filled with gold foil candy

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  1. Great idea! I remember your St. Patrick’s Day candy craft. I didn’t realize you used Christmas candy to make it.

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