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Organizing Kitchen Drawers for Free

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The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. I’m the mother of three and have moved into and organized 25+ homes. I know first-hand that if your kitchen is not organized, your life won’t be organized. You start your day in the kitchen and your day ends in the kitchen, so having it organized is key to maintaining a happy heart of the home.  Because I’m the mother of three college education funds, I am always looking for ways to save money while still keeping my kitchen and family organized. These tips for organizing kitchen drawers for free meet all my organizing and budeting needs. 

drawer with kitchen wrap boxes neatly organized

As a busy mom, I need organizing tips that are easy to do and actually do work, in addition to not costing me an arm and a leg. Simple organizing tips really do make your kitchen and life run much more smoothly. Organization also makes it possible for your family to be more independent since everything they need is easy to find. It also means that your family is able to put things back where they belong. 

2 images of neatly organized kitchen drawer

Organizing Kitchen Drawers for Free

Remove Everything from the Drawer to Determine What to Keep – Remove all the items and place them on the counter or table. Remove any items you don’t use  and put them in a bag to be recycled, thrown away or donated. Set aside items that belong in another location, not this drawer, so you can put them away later. Wipe out the drawer. Follow the tips I shared for purging kitchen utensils to determine what you want to keep in your drawer. Return the items you’ve decided to keep to the drawer. 

2 boxes of sandwich bags with top cut off

Remove the Tops of Boxes – Simply remove the top of boxes. It’s so much easier to access the contents of the box when the box is open. It’s also easier to consolidate the couple of items left in the old box with the brand new full box. A big part of organizing is making your life easier and this tip to remove the top of boxes is simple, free and effective. 

Use Containers You Already Have – Before you go out and buy new organizing baskets or bins, take a look around your home for containers that can be put to better use in the kitchen. These containers had been organizing my bathroom items for years in many different homes. However, they don’t fit in the tiny drawers in the bathroom of my current home, so I put them to use organizing my kitchen drawer. This kept the baskets from cluttering up my home just sitting around not being used, saved money and is more earth-friendly since no new products were purchased. 

2 purple baskets holding loose items

Use Repurposed Containers for Organizing – I love to repurpose the plastic containers that come with food products I’ve purchased. It just makes sense to me to repurpose these containers. They’re already in my home. They’re “free.” It saves these products from the landfill. If you recycle, it saves the resources that would be expended to transport and recycle these containers. And it saves resources from being used to produce new organizing containers. Once you start paying attention, you’ll find many plastic containers that you can use for organizing. 

1 – Mushroom container

2 – Plastic clam shell lettuce container

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3 – Plastic container holding shortening bars

three clear containers and one blue container with numbers identifying them

4 – Lid of plastic prepared sandwich container

2 blue trays holding miscellaneous items on black counter

I prefer to repurpose plastic containers because they’re easy to clean. And these blue mushroom containers compliment the blue decor accents in my kitchen. 

clear container holding bottles of vitamins and medication

Plastic containers are better for repurposing than cardboard boxes because they keep their shape and hold up to years of use. 

2 clear containers holding straws

Plastic containers from food packaging come in all different sizes and shapes. Once you start looking at the items you’re throwing into the recycling can, you’ll find organizing containers for all your needs. 

close up images of neatly organized kitchen drawers

You can organize your kitchen for free by using repurposed food packaging. An organized for free kitchen drawer is a thing of beauty. 

How is your kitchen working for you? You can start organizing your kitchen drawers for free today. What are you waiting for?

neatly organized drawers with the vitamin bottles and boxes of kitchen wrap

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white modern kitchen with black counters and stainless steel appliances

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  1. I’m a total fan of all of these ideas. I find that sometimes, the very shallow plastic trays from certain kinds of cookies work the BEST, especially in shallow vanity drawers. Great post, Susan.

  2. Hi Susan. I like free. It isn’t always about the latest greatest organizing tools. Thanks for sharing your tips. Best wishes, Darlene

  3. Great ideas for organizing kitchen drawers without an added cost to me. I will look at plastic containers that fruits and veggies sometimes come in a little differently than I did before. Can imagine some of them holding kitchen utensils and pot holders. I’m a newsletter subscriber and thank you for the good tips you supply. Nancy Andres @

  4. Susan, you always have such great ideas for organizing. To think I have been tossing such useful items in the trash. I love free and I love feeling organized (not my strong suit!) I will be looking at things differently now.

  5. It’s so nice to open a drawer and be able to actually see what ‘s in there without digging, isn’t it? I need to do this to a few of mine. Thanks for the tips!!!!

  6. I have been doing this since you started a few weeks ago but each time have to start at the beginning of your article. Can’t I just continue? I even sent you some comments.I did some in the craft room, did all my containers in the kitchen and now am going to try to do some in the pantry. You really have me motivated. Going to order your book.thank you.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by starting at the beginning, Marsg. Email me directly and I’ll help figure out an easier way for you to find what you want. I’m glad that the challenge is helping motivate you šŸ™‚

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