Easy Candy Acorns

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love it because it’s low stress and focused on family and food.  The dilemma I find is that because it’s sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, I often don’t find the time do many crafts or projects for Thanksgiving.  This year I’ve come up with these super easy candy acorns. 

close up of three crafted candy acorns on rustic wood table

They’re so easy that I can make them Thanksgiving morning to decorate the table and give to my guests – Thanksgiving morning!

These are easy enough to make with the kiddos and only take a few minutes each to make. It's a great scrap buster project, too.


Ferrero Rocher candy

Scraps of brown card stock paper

Scraps of raffia

Circle punch or scissors

circle paper punch, double stick tape, scissors, brown paper, raffia and package of round gold foil candy

Double stick tape

3 gold foil candy balls with brown paper cup removed from two of them

Cut the paper cup so that only the part glued to the foil wrapper remains.

gold foil candy ball next to  paper acorn cap on white table

Punch or cut a circle from the brown card stock paper.  Punch a small hole in the center and thread a short piece of raffia through the hole.

close up of three crafted candy acorns on rustic wood table

Stick the acorn cap to the candy base with double stick tape.  In just minutes, you have made an adorable little candy acorn.

Who do you have that would appreciate a gift of one (or two, or three) of these easy candy acorns?

3  DIY candy acorns on wood table

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  1. Hi Susan – Chocolate AND an adorable acorn craft? You had me at hello! These would be perfect for favors at the Thanksgiving table. Hugs, Holly

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  3. I love your chocolate Ferrero Rocher candy idea, but you forgot to include to buy extra to eat while I’m making the acorns. BTW, I’m adding name tags to turn the acorns into seating arrangement place cards.
    AND Re: Clear Clutter: Easy for you… You’ve moved 20+ times. Each time you move, you dispose of items that you deem no longer useful. What about us who have lived in the same place for 20+ years. Not so easy… Even a challenge for the little Japanese girl. All of my stuff makes me happy. So which item that makes me happy do I get rid of? I’m slowly using the Swedish Death Cleaning method. “After I’m gone, who will be happy that I saved this item.” Still difficult. I have lots of my mom’s stuff that makes me happy. Treasured items that she saved. Some are more than 50 years old.

    1. LOL, Paula. Shhh, I have a secret stash, just for me! I love your idea about adding name tags! Thanks for sharing that.

      I do understand treasuring items, especially from your mom (I have my own collection of cherished items from my parents). If you have the space for them and they bring you joy, then keep them. But I think you’re being wise using the Swedish Death Cleaning guidelines to evaluate what you keep. There’s no “right answer”. Do what works best for you and your family (as it sounds like you are).

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