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Wooden Clothespin Crafts for Father’s Day or Any Occassion

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There’s something so nostalgic about wooden clothespin and wooden clothespin crafts. The wood clothespin are charming in how textural they are and they’re surprisingly useful as organizing tools. It’s so easy to personalize wooden clothespins to give as a Father’s Day gift or for any occasion. Its a great craft to make with kids to give as gifts. 

close up of painted clothes pins on white wood table

I found these wood clothespin at a local department store last winter. You can use any type of wooden clothespin, but these ones that are a bit wider than traditional wood clothespins give you more decorating space.

2 packages of wood clothespins with  2 out of package

You’ll also need craft paint, a sponge paint brush, paint pens and/or permanent markers. 

Wooden Clothespin Crafts 

4 painted decorated clothes pins on white wood table

The clothespins I found came already decorated, but I wanted different colors and designs so I painted them. Depending on the color of paint you choose as your base color, you may need two coats to completely cover the original design. Paint each clothespin a base color with craft paint. I find using a sponge paint brush applies the paint smoothly and easily. Let the paint dry well, usually about 20 – 30 minutes is long enough. Add simple graphic designs to the painted clothespin. Paint pens work better on dark base colors but a bit more tricky to use for younger children. Permanent markers give better control and work well on lighter base colors. 

overhead view of pen and clothes pins holding stacks of papers on white wood table

Decorated wooden clothespins are great for organizing bills, mail, and piles of papers. They’re also great bookmarks. 

4 clothes pins with painted designs standing up on white wood table

It’s always tough to figure out what to give as a Father’s Day gift, especially since I enjoy giving homemade gifts. It’s easy to personalize these decorated clothespins with Dad’s favorite colors or designs. 

close up of blue and green painted clothes pins on white wood table

Warning –  wooden clothespin crafts are addictive. You’ll want to have a lot of clothespins on-hand because once you start decorating, you won’t want to stop. Who do you know who would enjoy a nostalgic and useful gift of decorated wood clothespins?

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2 clothes pins painted with pink and purple flowers on white wood table

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large decorated clothes pin with one holding a note

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  1. Those are so cute! I have bought a few of those in the Target dollar bin and I love how you decorated them! Susan! Great for Father’s Day too!

  2. This is a fun idea. I plan to have my kids made some of these. I go to a bookstore where they have old crib springs in the wall and people use clothes pins to post notices on them. Decorated clothes pins would make it look even better.

    1. Sounds like a fun bookstore, Patti. Have fun creating your own decorated clothespins (I’m now addicted to making them 🙂 )

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