Day 26 Purging Tips – Toolbox

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We’re in our final week of the 31 Days of 10-minute Purging Tips Challenge. Welcome to Day 26.  Our goal is to eliminate things we don’t need from our lives and home so that we can better enjoy life. Today we’ll work on the items in our toolbox. Let’s see what we want to keep and what needs to be purged so that we can clear clutter today.  

Whether you have tools in a toolbox or not, you have some tools somewhere in your house. We don’t usually think about tools until we need them. Often after using tools, we’re exhausted or distracted so we just toss them back and don’t take time to organize them. Keeping tools organized make it less frustrating the next time you run to the toolbox looking for a specific tool or item that you need. And organized tools makes it easier for you to identify what items you need to add to your toolbox.

Clearing Clutter – Tips for Purging the Tool Box

Grab the 6 purging bags you created earlier and your copy of the free printable Purging Clutter Checklist.  Let’s head to where you keep your tools. Depending on how many tools you have and how you have them organized, you may find it it easier to bring the tools to a table to go through. 

Take Everything Out- Keep in mind we’re doing this in 10 minutes. Only take out as much as you can go through in that time. Lay the items you take out on a table or on the floor. You may want to cover your work surface before you take your items out. 

Group Like Items Together – Quickly group like items together. Go through and pick all those nails, screws and small items out of the corners of the toolbox. Place all small items together in groups of similar items. Place all screwdrivers together, place all pliers together, and so on. 

Evaluate – Look at each group you’ve created. Are there any categories you don’t need? Are there any broken items. Are there too many items in any categories? Do you have tools you borrowed and need to return? You may keep items that serve a unique purpose even if you haven’t used them in years if you may realistically have a situation to use that tool again in the future. 

Purge – Remove items you don’t need to keep and place them in one of your 6 purging bags. 

Put Everything Away – Put the items you’ve decided to keep back away. Take the time to place all small items in containers so that you can find them the next time you need them.

stacked containers labels with different types of batteries

You can use the no-cost ideas I shared in Eco-Friendly Battery Storage Organizer to organize the small items in your toolbox.

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You could make your own toolbox and organizers from repurposed containers like I did with this DIY Pool Storage.

We’ve done it. Day 26 is done. Hang in there with me to finish up this last week.  Join me tomorrow for Day 27 in the 31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips challenge. Let’s purge some more so you can  make room to enjoy life more.

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    1. Thanks, Raquel. I agree that purging and organizing makes me feel so happy, especially when I’m trapped inside with the bad weather.

  1. Good one, Susan. I tend to find tools scattered all over homes, do you? Sometimes a toolbox, simple at is is, is needed!

    1. I put the tools away (most of the time), Seana, but I’m often chasing after the ones my family members leave out. I gave my husband a toolbox for our second Christmas toghether (he wasn’t as excited about it as I was šŸ™‚ )

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