105 Tips for a Successful Relocation

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With over 20 moves under our belt, I thought I’ve collected quite a few moving tips.  I’m happy to be able to share my relocation tips on Areavibes and learn quite a few more tips from other contributors.  In fact, you can find 105 tips for a successful relocation there.

Infographic of 105 Relocation Tips

Areavibes is a great resource for military families and all relocating families.  You can research the area that you’re moving to and find the perfect area for you to live.  Areavibes gives you a Livability score based on 7 different criteria, making it easy for you to compare different areas that you’re considering.  It’s an amazing new resource for military families that relocate all the time (all. the. time) and any family that is relocating.

How to Decide Where to Live When You Move
Simple Checklists to help you decide where you want to live when you're moving to a new city, state or country.
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What are your favorite relocation tips? Here are 105 Tips for a Successful Relocation to get you started.  
This infographic is brought to you by the team at AreaVibes, a site that helps you find the best places to live. For more relocation advice, check out 105 Tips for a Successful Relocation.

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