Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s Bazinga! Pencil Cup

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 Any Big Bang Theory Fans out there?  Did you know that the season opener is this Thursday, September 26th?  My family can’t wait to see all the guys (and girls) and their new adventures this year.  In honor of the new season, I just had to make a Big Bang Theory Bazinga Pencil Cup for Sheldon (or any other brainiac) with the periodic table.  Just. had. to.
DIY Bazinga! Pencil Holder for the Big Bang Theory Fan

Bazinga! Big Bang Theory Pencil Cup

I was inspired by t-shirt I saw in a catalog {here}, but I wanted to change it up just a little.

I found these pencil cups on sale, but you could just as easily use a repurposed can or box that you already have. 
black square pencil cup with green and white chevron stripes on white table
So, in true Big Bang Theory style, I had to make a prototype of my pencil cup.  This is how I made my Alpha prototype.
For the Alpha prototype I printed a periodic table of elements on a piece of computer paper.  You may have to play around with resizing it to fit the size of your pencil cup. 
2 pages of colorful periodic tables laying on white table
{source}Because the design on the cup is so dark and would show through white printer paper, I covered the cup first with plain white printer paper and Mod Podge.


black pencil cup laying on white paper, with sponge brush and bottle of decoupage glue on silver foil
white paper glued to outside of pencil cup

Because the printer paper is thin (I was afraid it would tear on the edges of the pencil cup), I wrapped it under the bottom of the cup and over and into the top of the cup.  I Mod Podged the paper to the sides  of the cup first, then with scissors,clipped the paper at the corners of the top and bottom to make it easier to wrap the paper and fold it down.

I let the plain white paper dry well, about 40-60 minutes.  Then I positioned my periodic table where I would want it on the cup (I wanted the title “Periodic Table of Elements” to be centered on one of the sides).  Once I found just where I wanted the title to be placed, I creased the paper on all the corners.  This made it easier to position the image just where I wanted it when it was wet with Mod Podge.

crumpled piece of paper with colorful periodic table of elements
I was careful to keep the Mod Podge only on the back of the paper so that I could keep the matte look of the Periodic Table. 
hand holding white piece of paper with decoupage glue spread on it

Again, I attached the paper to the sides of the cup and then clipped the corners to wrap the paper around the bottom and then into the top of the pencil cup.  

close up of white paper at top of pencil cup
While the pencil cup was drying the second time, I enlarged the Ba (Barium, for those who were wondering), the Ga (Gallium)  and the Zn (Zinc) with the scanner on my printer/scanner/fax.
3 elements cut out from periodic table, one has "Ba", one had "Zn" and the other has "Ga" on them in both larger and smaller sizes
I cut each one out and backed it with black card stock paper to make it stand out.
3 elements cut out from periodic table, one has "Ba", one had "Zn" and the other has "Ga" on them
The BaZnGa was attached to white card stock and then black card stock.  That was all attached with double stick tape to the periodic table. 

My Alpha prototype is on the left.  I found that the computer paper was thinner than I liked.  So on my Beta prototype (on the right), I used card stock and trimmed it so that it wraps like a band around the cup (not covering the bottom or tucking into the top).

2 pencil cups with periodic table spelling out "bazinga" sitting on white table
The Alpha prototype on the left is certainly functional, but there are more steps in making it.  If you don’t have any card stock, then go with the Alpha prototype.  But, if you have card stock, then the Beta prototype is easier to make because it has 5 fewer steps (if I was a true geek, this is when I’d calculate how much that reduces your workload)
close up of empty pencil cup with periodic table spelling out "bazinga"
But, both the Alpha and the Beta prototypes give you a fun and unique tribute to the Sheldon in your life and to The Big Bang Theory (and of course, will hold your pencils for you, too).
DIY Bazinga! Pencil Holder for the Big Bang Theory Fan
Check back tomorrow for another Big Bang Theory Tribute craft, Sheldon’s Travel Log.
And if you’d like to check some more Big Bang Theory projects to get you ready for the Season 7 premiere, here’s a collection of projects by some fellow bloggy Big Bang Theory Fans. 

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  1. Sheldon is a cutie! (earmuffs, Hubby). I haven’t seen the show for awhile, but I always enjoy it when I watch it. Hugs, Holly

  2. I’m a HUGE Big Bang Theory fan!!! We own all seasons on Apple TV and have Big Bang marathons where we watch all the episodes in order. So much fun!!! Love the pencil cup!! Can’t wait til Thursday too!!

  3. Can I tell you adorable this is??? Pinned! I sub b.c Susan, I thought I was subscribed…must not have verified or something.
    Not huge BBT fans.My 13 yo tried to get into it..his friend’s dad is a physicist and their fam watches it religiously…( simply to find fault with the equations etc on the blackboard behind the action and stuff!! That;s like me watching Jur Park with MY geologist hubby. Do you have any idea how many inaccuracies are in that movie! wow) ) But for him at 13, hmmm, some of the humor is not good….the last thing we need is more inappro humor around here…Now if he were 17/ 18 and up ( and please God, Please please please, let him be more mature by then or this will kill me)…THEN fine…watch it. It IS pretty funny tho…just not huge fans….we don’t get TV so we watch all shows on DVDs from the lib
    Be well —
    looking fwd to the link party tmrw

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