Guest Post – Dianna’s DIY Curtain Ties

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My blogging friend, Dianna from Craft A Spell is here today to help me with my move by sharing her beautiful DIY idea.  Dianna recently moved into her own place and has been crafting away making her house her home.  I’ve been inspired by her crafty ideas and love the idea she’s sharing today.  Thanks, Dianna for the help and for the inspiration.

Hi everyone! My name is Dianna and I blog over at Craft A Spell. I’m so excited to be here at Organized 31 today! At my blog you’ll find DIY crafts and recipes as well as my new favorite project – furniture refinishing!

I’m a huge fan of making something on your own because your purse strings are a little too tight this month. One thing I’m always too cheap to buy is curtain ties. I think they make your room look fancy. Designs stores must agree with me because they charge a lot for them! For me, it all started a few years ago when I was redoing my bedroom at home and wanted to buy some curtain ties. They were $20 each. I had 2 windows with 4 curtains to tie back. Pause for math calculation. That’s $80! Since then I’ve made a few different curtain ties including my original and this for my new bedroom. Each time, I’ve managed to do it cheaper than the last. It’s all about the beads you buy. Here is a tutorial for the ties I just made for my living room.

a closeup of a curtain tie on a curtain with title text reading DIY Curtain Ties

I found these cute curtains at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I love them but I wanted to be able to pull them back and get some beautiful light with my floor to ceiling windows.

a chair in front of curtains in a house

To make similar ties, you will need:
-beads of your choice I used:
-2 strands of 20x20mm crystal square beads from Bead Gallery purchased for $4.49 each from Michaels (originally $5.99 with 25% off coupon)
-2 strands of 20mm round glass beads in marbled purple and white (Darice brand purchased for $1.97 each)
-22 gauge bright floral wire (panacea brand) or something similar
-wire cutters
-needle nosed pliers

This is really simple. All you do is lay out your beads in the order you’d like to string them. I chose to just alternate. Then you string them onto your wire.

beads laid in 2 rows on a brown carpet

On the free end of your wire, make a loop and wrap the wire around itself.

a wire loop on a green background

Keep wrapping until you can nearly wrap no more!

a wire loop on a green background

Using your needle nosed pliers, press the wire into a position so that you won’t scratch/poke yourself. Or, more importantly, your pretty new curtains. Priorities.

needle nosed pliers shaping a wire loop on a green background

On the opposite end, leave yourself enough wire to repeat these steps and cut with your wire cutters. Repeat the looping steps.

Find something to secure the wire hoops. I used a nail in my wall that would be hidden where the curtain hangs. If you have crown molding, you could hammer right into the side of it.

a closeup of curtain ties hung on a nail on a wall

Then sit back and enjoy the prettiness that you created and that gorgeous sunny day.

a closeup of a curtain tie on a curtain

And air conditioning. It’s too hot to go outside.

a window with a curtain pulled back using a curtain tie

These curtain ties cost me $12.92 for two. So there $20 each curtain ties!!

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  1. Susan – thanks for the guest host. Dianna – WOW that is super creative. The mind is churning what I can do with it in our home. Hugs, Holly

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