Repurposed Tins and a little Mod Podge

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I found a couple of great tins recently.  Of course, they were square.  Square is so much better for organizing stuff.  Square fits on shelves or in drawers without wasting space.  And if you’re going to do an organizing project, isn’t not wasting space your goal?

finger pointing to edge of tin box

                                                     Look for a tin that has a lip like this.  It makes decoupaging the paper onto the tin much easier by clearly marking where the paper should end and the lid will fit.

Supplies List:
metal tin or plastic container
decorative paper
Mod Podge
letters or stickers, if desired
paper cutter
corner rounder

Cut your decorative paper to fit the vertical height from the bottom of the tin, just above the the lip on the bottom of the tin, up to the lip where the lid will fit.  You’ll have a long strip to wrap around the sides of the tin.  Overlap the ends of the strip about 1/4 inch and cut the paper.  Mod Podge the decorative paper onto the tin and let it dry.

top view of tin decorated with green paper with white, brown and pink squares and pink stripe at tope and bottom and pink letters spelling out "notions"

Cut the decorative paper to fit the top of the box.  I rounded the corners before I Mod Podged it onto the lid.  I used my Cricut to cut vinyl letters out to add a little more decoration to the lid.

close up of tin decorated with green paper with white, brown and pink squares and pink stripe at top and bottom and pink letters spelling out "notions"

While the box looked cute with the decorative paper and “notions” on the lid, it still looked a little plain.  I decided to cut strips of the pink vinyl to add stripes around the bottom of the box and the edge of the lid.

3 containers of different sizes decorated with light green paper with pink, brown and white polka dots and pink stripes on edges of lids

I decorated 2  tin boxes and one round plastic jar.  These were all repurposed items that fit together perfectly.  Three containers saved from the landfill.  Three cute, useful, organizing containers.  Win. Win. Win.

interior view of 2 decorated with green and polka dot paper tins inside larger tin with coordinating decorated lid next to it

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