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There are so many excuses in life to give a small gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them.  I love to watch that person’s face light up knowing that I care and want to let them know.  With this being breast cancer awareness month, it’s the perfect occasion to let the women in your life know you care and support them.  I wanted to share this small gift idea that would be a perfect gift for those special women in your life.

paper craft - decorated tic tack  box with paper flower on table

This is such an easy gift to make that you'll want to make a bunch to have ready to give to lots of friends. 

pink striped paper, box of pink tic tabs, pink ribbon, flower paper punch and roll of tape

You'll need pink Tic Tacs, decorative paper, a paper punch (I used a flower, but you can use any shape that will fit the width of the box), coordinating ribbon and double-stick tape.  This is the perfect project to use up your paper and ribbon scraps.

rectangle of folded paper with flower punched out of one side and pink ribbon attached

Cut your paper to fit your Tic Tac box like a book cover.  I just eyeball it, but it's approximately 4 1/8  by  2 7/8 inches.  Punch a hole in the bottom front of the cover so that the Tic Tacs will show through.  Add double-stick tape to the back cover to hold the Tic Tac box in place and in a line along the middle to hold the ribbon. 

box of tic tacs with paper attached and pink ribbon

 You'll want to use extra sticky tape to hold the ribbon in place or you'll have to keep pressing the front cover back into place (ask me how I know). Embellish the front with a saying or any way you want.  I wanted to make a girl power statement, so I did.

close up of ribbon bow on side paper craft - decorated tic tack  box with paper flower on table

This is such a sweet gift to give a friend just because.  The pink bow makes it particularly perfect to give during breast cancer awareness month.

paper craft - decorated tic tack  box with paper flower on table

But it's a thoughtful small gift for any occasion or for no occasion at all.

Please join my friend, Holly at The Coconut Head's Survival Guide as she paints the blogosphere pink with the help of her friends.  Holly is a breast cancer survivor, amazing woman,  dear friend and an inspiration.  Check out #pinkblogday for other great ideas and resources.

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  1. Hi Susan – Great gift for any occasion but perfect for a day of pink! Thank you a million times over for all of your support! Hugs, Holly

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