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While it’s an invaluable tool, creating a bullet journal daily spread day after day can be time consuming. That’s where this free printable comes in. It gives you the same organizing and productivity assistance that you love in just a minute and with no hassle.

open journal with black pen with pens and blue bin with title text reading Daily Bullet Journal Template Free 2-Page Printable

I’ve been using a bullet journal daily spread for over a year and love how it keeps my busy, busy life organized. Some people journal for creativity or to reduce stress, but I journal for productivity. But let’s be honest, it can be almost impossible some days (and even weeks) to find the time to create your own daily spreads. A bullet journal template is the perfect solution to save you time and still give you all the benefits of using a bullet journal.

What is a Daily Spread?

Close up of Daily Spread with pink pen and pink and white paper clamps

  • A bullet journal daily spread is one of the common formats used in a bullet journal.
  • It is a combination of an appointment manager, task manager, space for notes and more.
  • A daily spread is used to plan and manage appointments and tasks for each day.
  • While you can design your bullet journal pages any way you’d like, many daily bullet journal templates commonly contain:
    • A daily timeline for appointments, meetings, calls and other time specific activities – Provides one spot to track all the appointments for the day.
    • A To Do or task management list – Allows you to keep all your to do tasks in one area (no more misplaced slips of paper).
    • Priorities for the day – Encourages you to focus on the 3 most important tasks for the day, so that you don’t get sidetracked by the multitude of less important tasks.
    • A habit tracker – Helps you reinforce in a visual format habits you’re working on.
    • A notes section – Keeps your notes for the day in an easy-to-find spot.
    • A Future Tasks section – Records items that need to be added to future daily spreads.
  • A bullet journal daily spread is a one-stop location to keep everything you need to know for the day. This allows you to free up bandwidth in your brain for brainstorming and thinking rather than simply remembering items.
close up of daily log page with notes and a pen

Bullet Journal Daily Spread

Bullet Journal Pens

Research has shown that the act of writing things down helps you better process and remember information.

Anyone who does a lot of writing will tell you that having a good quality pen makes all the difference in your comfort and enjoyment.

Close up of black and white desk organizer with colorful pens

As someone with awful handwriting, I can tell you how happy I’ve been with my bullet journal since I discovered FriXion Pens by Pilot Pen about six months ago. They’re erasable. E-ras-able! Really! They’re the #1 selling erasable pen brand in America and come in a variety of colors, so there’s something for everyone. And since they’re erasable, they’re perfect for those of us with, umm, terrible handwriting.

Their gel pens write smoothly and evenly and erase cleanly. I love that with my FriXion Pens I can embrace my mistakes as an opportunity for a do-over and a chance to get everything just right. You can find the same writing quality and erasability in the FriXion Clicker Pens, ColorSticks and Colors Marker Pens from Pilot Pen.

gif of erasable pen on daily spread sheets

Daily Spread Supplies

  • Paper
    • You can use regular computer paper, but I recommend using heavier paper for a better writing experience. The heavier paper also holds up better to daily use without tearing. I use 28 lb. paper in bright white.
  • Binder or Notebook
    • The bullet journal daily spread printable fits on half a piece of paper. This will fit into an A5 notebook
    • You can use any style notebook or binder that you like. I prefer to use a disc bound system because the pages are easy to add, remove and relocate within the binder.
    • You can even glue the daily spread pages into a composition or spiral bound notebook.
  • Hole Punch
    • Use the style hole punch you need for the style of binder you’re using.
  • Pens
    • I recommend using a quality pen, like the erasable FriXion pens. You’ll be relying heavily on your bullet journal and writing in it numerous times a day. Why not make that experience enjoyable with a good pen.
  • Stickers or Sticky Notes (optional)

Step One

Download the free daily bullet journal template when you sign up for our free newsletter.

Print as many copies as you need for your personal use. In printing, consider:

  • You will want to try a few trial runs in printing your
    bullet journal daily spread. Every printer is different, so use computer paper until you figure out how your printer will print out the pages.
  • You can print the daily bullet journal template with the pages front to back, if you’d like. Or you can print each one out on just one side of the paper and use the blank backs of the pages for notes and doodling.
image of 2-page daily log printable for bullet journal

Step Two

Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the template in half to create two daily spread pages.

Daily Spread template on  blue paper cutter to create 2 pages
Free Bullet Journal Daily Spread
Sign up for our newsletter and get this free 2-page printable
Featured Image

Step Three

  • Punch holes so that you can insert your pages into your binder.
  • If you’re gluing the pages into a notebook, skip this step.

Step Four

Daily spread pages with pens on desk and black and white desk organizers
  • Take 5-10 minutes each evening to review your appointments and deliverable products for the next day. Use this time to prioritize your tasks and identify and scheduling issues or other items you need to address.
  • Fill out your bullet journal daily spread pages with all pertinent information.

Step Five

Determine what works best for you in using your bullet journal daily spread. It’s a process of trial and error to find what works best with your personality and schedule. The daily log should work for you (and not you accommodating the daily log).

For example, some people prefer minimalist bullet journaling. Using a simple black pen and a more streamlined style.

Daily spread in bullet journal with black pen and minimalist style

Other people prefer to use vibrant colors of pens, highlighers, sticker and embellishments when they bullet journal.

Daily Log in pink bullet journal with colorful pens and paper clamps and a plant in blue pot

There’s no right or wrong way to use your bullet journal daily spread – there’s only the way that works best for you.

With your new beautiful gel erasable FriXion pens and this bullet journal daily spread, you’re set to grab each day and make the most of it.

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  1. Really great overview of a daily spreads Susan! I need to start using them more, and this will surely help! ????

    1. Thanks, Whitney. 🙂 Give the daily spread a try and see what you think. And be on the lookout, I’ve got more free spread templates coming next month.

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