Morning Routine Chart

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As a mother of three and a parent educator, I can tell you that a morning routine chart is an invaluable parenting tool. It helps reduce the chaos in your mornings and teaches your children independence and responsibility. I’ve selected more than 10 free printable charts that you can print today and start using immediately.

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These tips about how to establish a morning routine for school are helpful in setting up any morning routine, whether it’s for a school morning or non-school morning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morning Routine Charts

  • How do I make a morning routine checklist?
    • Determine which tasks must be accomplished each morning.
    • Determine the best order to tackle those tasks.
    • Consider how long each task will take.
    • Prepare any tasks that you can the evening before to reduce the number of tasks and total time required to prepare each morning.
    • Once you’ve decided which tasks must be done in the morning and in what order, add those tasks to your morning checklist. Calculate the time each tasks will take and count back from your required end time to determine what time you must start your morning routine each day.
  • What is a good morning routine?
    • A good morning routine is one that works well for you.
    • Your goal is for a routine that flows smoothly and can be accomplished efficiently and without stress.
    • You’ll probably have to try a variety of morning routine ideas to find the best one for you.
  • How old should my child be to use a morning routine chart?
    • You can begin teaching your child to follow a morning routine from the age of three or four, when your child is able to follow directions and stay on-task even briefly. Younger children will need much more teaching, encouragement and supervision than older children.
    • Choose a simple, image-based chart for younger children.
    • The younger the child, the fewer the number of tasks that should be on the chart. Start with two or three tasks. Once your child can accomplish those tasks with minimal supervision, then you can add additional tasks, one at a time.

Just as with teaching a child any new task, your child will need your support and encouragement in learning to use a morning routine chart.

Take the time to slowly introduce each new tasks and only add additional tasks once your child can smoothly handle the original ones.

Don’t rush or get frustrated. For a child, learning to take responsibility for a morning routine is like riding a bike. It takes a lot of practice, support from parents and encouragement.

Morning Routine Chart

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Morning Routine Charts for Children

It’s important to find a morning routine chart that works well for your family’s unique needs and situation. That means you need to try a variety of routine charts to determine whether it reduces the chaos and makes your morning start off on the right foot.

If the chart that you try doesn’t seem to work well, don’t give up, simply choose another routine chart to try. Each new one that you use will help you figure out what works and doesn’t work for your family. You’re gathering data that will help you find the best morning routine chart for you.

Once you do find the chart that works for you, be prepared that as your child grows and changes, you may need to change the morning routine chart that you use. With this selection of more than ten different free printable charts, you’re sure to find a chart that will work well for you at many stages of your child’s life.

two morning routine print-outs with graphic tape borders, one without and blue pen on it

Tips for Morning Routines

While a morning routine chart can be extremely helpful in organizing your mornings and even the entire day. These additional six organizing ideas work in cooperation with the morning routine chart to keep your morning and entire day run more smoothly.

Be sure to pin these Morning Routine Chart resources so that you will always be able to find one to work for you as your child grows up and your needs change.

For more ideas on organizing your kids’ things, see the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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