College Care Package Ideas for Women

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I might be guilty of saying this all the time, but my “baby” is away at college and I miss her like crazy. It’s her second year of college, which is wonderful for her and I’m extremely proud of her, but I still miss her like crazy. I’ve found that planning, creating and sending her care packages helps me deal with missing her. I know that this time of year is particularly tough at college. It’s dark and cold, you’re trapped inside with not much else to do but study and it’s the dragging part of the year.  My daughter’s roommates have become like family, so I thought I’d send some fiercely fun college care package ideas for women so they can spend a relaxing girls’ night in together. 

animal print and colorful gift items spilling out of a white box

My baby has has lived with her three roommates for two years, so they really are like family. I often include enough loot to share with them when I send care packages.

College Care Package Ideas for Women

overhead view of animal print headbands and product

If you’re a missing-your-baby mom trying to distract yourself, then you create a themed care package as a way to add to the surprise factor. When I saw these limited edition Bioré Deep Cleaning Pore Strips in animal prints I knew I’d be creating a fiercely fun college care package this time. And because I show my love through making things (or is it another way to distract me from how much I miss my baby?), I decided to make coordinating headbands for the roommates.

animal print fabric squares and elastic

I am not a seamstress, so these headbands are easy to make. Really. You’ll need just a small amount of animal print fabric. I found these fat quarters for a dollar each. You’ll also need a small amount of elastic. I purchased non-roll elastic 3/4 inches wide. 

pins holding black elastic to edge of cheetah print headband

Cut the fabric 5 inches wide and 18 inches long , which is the longest length of the fat quarter. Sew the long sides together with a 1/4 inch seam and leave the ends of the tube open. Turn the fabric right side out. Press the tube flat with the seam in the middle so that it is hidden on the backside of the headband. Turn 1/4 to 1/2 inch of fabric in on the ends of the tubes and press down. This makes a neat edge to the fabric where it attaches to the elastic. Cut a 5 inch piece of elastic. Place the elastic in the middle of the opening on one end of the tube. Pinch the side of the fabric in and then neatly fold the top down and pin.  You can skip pinching the fabric in, but this is what allows the wider fabric to transition down to the narrower elastic. Sew back and forth three or four times about 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric to secure the elastic. Repeat on the other side. 

close up of cheetah print head band  and close up of headband on woman's head

In about 15 minutes you can create four headbands. Aren’t they wildly adorable?

College Care Package Ideas for Women

I want my baby and her roommates to have a girls’ night in filled with fun and relaxation. With that in mind, I searched for coordinating pampering items to include in the care package. 

  1. Coordinating personal care items. I added zebra-striped decorative tape to hairbrushes. 
  2. Color-coordinated candy. I packaged it individually because it’s always nice to get your own individual treat. I embellished the packages with the zebra-print decorative tape. I sent gift cards to their favorite local restaurant so they could pick up snacks to eat and drink, too. 
  3.  I happened to find these cute zebra print photo albums. Be sure to check in the office supplies and party supplies sections of your store for coordinating goodies. I slipped notes and the food gift cards into the photo album pages.
  4. I picked up coordinating, straws, napkins and cups. I looked high and low for animal print cups, but couldn’t find any. But you know I wouldn’t let that stop me, so decorative tape to the rescue. The band of decorative tape is a cute way to add to the festivity of their girls’ night in.
  5. More fun ideas to add to the care package
    1. DIY Face Scrub – Pick one or more of these 13 recipes to make yourself. 
    2. DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub
    3. Personalized Pillow Sham Pattern
collage of 4 images of gift ideas for care package for women

Everything went into a box with a coordinating bow.

white box tied with zebra print bow and tag saying "we miss you".

If you’re going to create a themed college care package, you’ve got to go all out and make the box match the contents. Right?

close up of care package contents for women

Can’t you just imagine the girls’ exclamations when they open this college care package for women? And to think this fun girls’ night in care package all started when I saw the limited edition animal print Bioré Cleansing Strips. 

2 women wearing pore strips and reading back of box of product

Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips deep clean your pores in just 10 minutes, removing a week’s worth of dirt and yuck that causes clogged pores. With continued use,  Bioré Cleansing Strips can visibly reduce the appearance of pores (girls of all ages are cheering for less visible pores).  Fiercely clean pores plus a wildly fun pattern equals a perfect girls’ night in with roommates, a good movie and lots of treats. 

Since these limited edition Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips can only be found at Walmart, I popped over there to get everything I needed for my baby’s college care package ideas for women gift. I found  the Bioré Cleansing Strips on the facial products aisle in the health and beauty section of the store.  Since they’re available for a limited time, be sure you run by soon to pick up yours, too.

overhead view of contents of care package for women featuring animal prints and turquoise items

Who do you know who would appreciate a wildly fun girls’ night in with college care package ideas for women?  You could always put one together for yourself and your friends, too.

More College Care Package Ideas  

collage of 4 colorful care package ideas

College Care Package Ideas

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  1. Susan, this is so awesome! What college gal wouldn’t LOVE this? [client]

  2. Such a great idea! I wish I would have thought of this when my daughter was in college. They do get so stressed out and a spa night with goodies would be just what they need. Love the headbands – so easy to make.

  3. What a treat for the girls! Finals are stressful and this is a perfect way to cheer them up! I’m going to file this for when Emily goes away to school.

  4. My oldest is in his freshman year at college and even though he’s a boy, his close group of friends includes a couple of girls in his residence hall. I can’t wait to surprise them by throwing in some of these goodies for them in his next care package!

  5. Those biore strips in animal print are funny! I keep thinking I’m going to put together a college care kit with healthy snacks, energy drinks, and hydrate because I know I would have appreciated them šŸ™‚

    1. Aren’t they fun, Shyanne? I can just see my “baby” and her roommates watching movies together with the wild Biore strips on their noses. šŸ™‚ Sounds like you’ve got the makings of a wonderful college care package going.

  6. I love Boire! And your care package looks like it provided a great evening of fun for your daughter and her friends. I need to put one together for my girls.

  7. You’re such a great mom!! Your daughter is so lucky to have such a thoughtful, caring mother! My daughters are only 13 and 9 but those days are coming and when I seen this post I fell in love! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this wonderful article!!!

    1. Awww, Jessica, thank you! It seems like just yesterday that my “babies” were 13 and 9. They are now 21 and 24! How did that happen?

  8. I would love to make some headbands for my 7 year old granddaughter. Can someone suggest dimensions for me?

    1. I’m not sure. I’d check child-size headbands at the store and use those measurements What a fun gift for your granddaughter, Anne Marie!

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