Confetti Flinger Card Insert

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With two of my “babies” far away at college, I’m always looking for special ways to surprise them and show them I’m thinking of them. I love sending them cards because getting mail when you’re away at college is still exciting in this age of technology. And really, it’s still exciting for anyone whether they’re in college or not.

I made a confetti flinger card insert for the next card I send to surprise my babies and it is so much fun. Really. I just kept testing it over and over again. 

pink card with pink and purple hearts scattered on table next to card of woman with pink skirt with title text overlay reading Confetti Flinger Card

The first confetti flinger card insert I made took me a bit longer as I figured out the measurements and how to assemble it. But after the first one, it takes less than 15 minutes to make one. 


Valentine's card with woman in pink skirt and back of card showing the message inside the card

My daughters both love pretty things and especially pretty cards. With just days until Valentine’s Day, I was on a mission to find pretty Valentine’s Day cards for my confetti flinger card insert. 

I popped over to Walmart to pick up my confetti flinger supplies and cards. I found these lovely Hallmark Signature cards for Valentine’s Day. It’s like they created this beautiful card just for my two babies. And the sentiment inside the card is exactly what I’m trying to convey to them. Lucky for you and me, there’s an in-aisle coupon offer at Walmart now until 2/15/2017 for $2 off of a two card purchase (with a minimum purchase of $2 required). 

Confetti Clinger Card Insert Supplies

  • Decorative Card Stock Paper – Coordinate to your card
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bone Folder or Popsicle Stick
  • Double Stick Tape
  • 1 inch rubber band
  • Sticky Note or Printer Paper – Sticky note paper is better because it’s lighter in weight and will allow the confetti to be projected better.
  • Decorative Paper scraps
  • Heart Punch or Hole Punch

Step 1 – Cut a piece of decorative card stock paper 3 inches by 5 inches to make the flinger. Cut another piece just smaller than your card to make the insert. My insert is 4 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches. 

Step 2 – Crease paper as indicated to make folding easier and precise. 

Step 3 – Cut notches as indicated by the black triangles. Use the crease lines as guides for where to cut. 

collage of 4 steps to build a confetti flinger box from pink paper

Step 4 – With double stick tape, adhere the six flaps on both of the long sides to the back of the paper. 

Step 5 – Cut a sticky note into a 2 1/4 inch by  2 1/4 inch square. Fold the corners into the center. Fold the corners back and forth to make the folds less stiff. You want these triangles to hold the confetti in place loosely and give way when the flinger releases. Attach this square to the center of the flinger with double stick tape.

Step 6 – With scissors, clip the flinger at the front crease just below the confetti square. Also clip on the back side of the flinger about one-third of the way down from the top crease. The slit should be approximately 1/4 ” long. You can just eyeball it. 

collage of 4 steps of assembling the confetti flinger from pink paper

Step 7 – Bend the flinger into a square with a gap on the bottom between the two flaps. Tape the flinger to the card insert with double stick tape on the tabs. Make sure you have the front of the flinger towards the bottom of the insert. The front of your flinger is the side with the notches on the crease (the back is the side with the notches one-third of the way down from the crease). Before adhering the flinger to the insert make sure that the flinger has room to move down and back without hanging over the edge of the card insert.

confetti flinger box on pink paper backing with pink and purple hearts scattered on table

Step 8 – Place the rubber band into the notches. Push the flinger forward and release to make sure it snaps backwards and works correctly. 

Step 9 – Punch heart confetti out of the scraps of decorative paper. If you don’t have a heart punch, you can use round confetti created by a hole punch. Put the confetti into the confetti pocket.

hands opening card with confetti flinger insert

Insert your confetti flinger card insert into your card and send to your favorite college student or loved one. 

Valentine's card with woman in pink skirt next to pink confetti flinger card insert

When they open the card, they’ll have a sweet celebration thanks to your confetti flinger

See how much fun opening a card with this confetti flinger is in action!

Have I got you as excited about making a confetti flinger card insert as I am? I’m sending them to everyone I know this year for Valentine’s Day. You can find more Valentine’s inspiration and digital coupon offers here.

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  1. Oh My Gosh! This is so cute. I love putting fun confetti in cards, but have never made a flinger. I need to go and get crafty! Love this.

  2. Wow, what a fun card! I’m sure your daughters will really enjoy them. My daughter likes making cards and she likes to make a different kind each time. I’ll have to tell her about your idea.

  3. These are so sweet! Definitely going to try them this week with the kids at my learning center. Thanks for the inspiration! šŸ™‚

  4. Please can you explain how to cut properly and the 1 third thing because I did what it says and it won’t pop up

    1. Sure, Linabeth. Why don’t you email at iorganize31 (at) gmail (dot) com so that we can chat about your specific questions (and send photos if you can). I’d love to help make it work for you.

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