Movie Birthday Gift

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What in the world do you give a tween boy for a birthday gift?  (tick tock, tick tock)  Based on my son’s reaction and his friend’s reaction, I think I’ve broken the code with this DIY movie birthday gift. And best of all, it’s easy to make.

overhead view of DIY movie ticket gift envelope that looks like a red and white box of popcorn

Movie Birthday Gift

We picked up a box of movie candy from the drug store (bonus points if you get the birthday boy’s favorite candy) and a movie theater gift card.  

box of movie theater candy on red and white striped craft paper

Cut a piece of red and white striped paper to wrap around the box.  Leave an inch or so at the top of the box and enough to fold around the bottom. 

half circles cut in half with yellow edges on wood table

 If you have a scallop circle punch, then it’s easy to make popcorn kernels.  If you don’t, just freehand cut popcorn shapes.  Color the edges of the popcorn with a yellow highlighter to make it look like butter on the popcorn.

overhead view of crafted movie box of popcorn sleeve for box of candy on wood table

Tape or glue the popcorn to both the front and back of the top of the box. Slip a piece of white paper into the top to cover the top of the candy box. Add a Happy Birthday label to the box front.

red and white striped envelope on wood table with 2 red movie tickets

 Cover an envelope with striped paper and popcorn.  Slip the movie ticket(s) into the envelope.

2 DIY movie theater box of popcorn crafts to give as a birthday gift on wood table

 In about 5 minutes, you’ve wrapped an adorable, uh, I mean cool birthday gift. 

2 DIY movie theater box of popcorn crafts to give as a birthday gift with one on top of the other

 If you give 2 movie tickets, it allows the birthday boy or girl to enjoy a movie with the gift giver.

 While I think it’s the perfect gift for a tween boy, it’s also a great gift for anyone who enjoys movies. You could make several of the box wrappers and envelopes up ahead.  Then when a birthday party comes up, you just need to slip a box of candy into the box wrapper and you’re ready to go.

Gift giving to tween boys doesn’t have to be difficult with these additional ideas:

2 DIY movie theater box of popcorn crafts to give as a birthday gift on wood table

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  1. those are too cute for words. You did an amazing job on these. Will be using for a gift soon.

  2. This is such a great idea. We love going to the movies and find it to be expensive – a gift like this would be perfect. I am sure a teen or tween would love grab their best friend and head off to the movie!

  3. This is adorable. It definitely makes the perfect gift for any teen or tween. I wish I had seen this before my daughter’s movie-themed birthday party last month!

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  5. LOVE this project šŸ™‚ Nice work. Found your blog through the Crafty Blogger Link Party. I am now going to follow šŸ™‚ Love your blog.

  6. This is such a great idea! For my daughters birthday she wanted to take a friend to see Cinderella, but it was going to be so expensive. This would be perfect!

    1. Alizsa, I think it’s fun to give a gift that my child can share with the birthday boy and girl. I’m so glad that you like it.

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  8. Love this idea and the way you followed through. Will pin and thank you for hosting, This is how we roll.

  9. This is such a cute idea. Pinned so I can use it when I want it. Thank you for sharing at This is How We Roll.

    1. Thank you, Amy. It was lots of fun to make (I was smiling the entire time). Thanks for joining us at the party.

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