DIY Christmas Candy Wrapper

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There are many occasions during the holiday season when I want to give a small gift to someone. Sometimes I need a gift for a stocking stuffer or Advent calendar. Sometimes I need one for a college care package. Other times I need one for a Christmas party favor. Making these DIY Christmas candy wrappers are so easy and meet so many different gift needs. Plus, they’re just so cute that you’ll want to make up occasions to make them for. 

overhead view of small boxes wrapped like Santa suits on white wood table with pine bough

You can make these DIY Christmas candy wrappers in about 3 minutes (plus the time to sort through your paper scraps and locate your supplies). It’s a great project to use up those scraps of paper you’ve been saving. 

DIY Christmas Candy Wrapper Supplies

Square or rectangular candy – I used gum, but candy bars and boxed candy work well, too. 

You could also use these truly delicious cookies (that I eat (almost) every day!) in place of candy.

Scraps of card stock paper – in red, white, black and gold or yellow. 

Paper cutter or scissors

Double stick tape

overhead view of red, white, and black strips of paper next to 2 pairs of scissors, roll of tape and 3 rectangular boxes of gum

Scalloped scissors

pair of purple scissors next to red box with white strip of paper with scalloped edges

Trim the red paper to wrap around the candy and overlap in the back. Tape this paper sleeve shut. Cut a strip of white paper the vertical length of the candy. Use the scalloped scissors to cut each side of the strip. If you don’t have decorative paper, you can tear the edges to make random edges of the fur strip on the coat. Tape this strip to the front of the coat.

close up of small box wrapped like Santa suit on pine bough on white wood table

Cut a black strip of paper to be the belt. Tape it down to the coat front. Add a gold or yellow square for the belt buckle.  Add a smaller square of black paper to the center of the gold square to make a belt buckle.

overhead view of 4 small box wrapped like Santa suits on white wood table

Using up your scrap paper stash means this Santa gift will cost you nothing but the cost of the candy. During the holidays you can often pick candy up with a coupon for around $.50. Because you measure your Santa candy sleeve based on the size of your candy, any size candy will work as long as it’s square or rectangular shaped, so let your coupons help you find frugal candy to use. 

close up of small box wrapped like Santa suit on pine bough on white wood table

These Santa candy wrappers are easy enough to assemble that you can make them as a kids craft or at a children’s Christmas party. 

overhead view of small boxes wrapped like Santa suits on white wood table with pine bough

These little Santa decorated candy gifts are just so stinkin’ cute. They make fun small gifts and stocking stuffers.  What occasion do you have to make DIY Christmas candy wrappers for?

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  1. Such a cute idea because it turns a small/ordinary gift into something special for the holiday. I would make these!!

  2. Susan, you have outdone yourself again! These would be the perfect gifts for classmates, neighbors and Secret Santas. So fun. I had to laugh a little, about the time it would take to find your scraps. It would take me a while in my mess!

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