Holiday Decorating Care Package

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My oldest “baby” is in her first year of college.  A couple of weeks ago she asked if I could help her (Hello? Have you met your mother?!  Of course I’ll help almost every time you ask).  An unofficial Halloween decorating contest had developed in her dorm.  Her hall did not win.  They want to win the unofficial holiday decorating contest and are planning for that win.  So, I came up with a couple of mom-crafts and then put together a holiday decorating care package to help my “baby” out.  This care package would work for any college student or deployed soldier.Holiday Decorating Care Package - Organized 31
I popped over to my local dollar store and picked up a couple of decorations.  I had 2 criteria for decorations – festive and light-weight.  The jingle bell door hanger had the added benefit of being jingly.Holiday Decorating Care Package - Organized 31

I wanted to show my baby how much I miss her, so I made a candy wreath (free candy should put my daughter’s hall ahead in the competition) and a Santa pillow slipcover.  Both are lightweight to mail and either expendable (candy wreath) or compact enough to store easily in a small dorm room after the holidays (pillow slipcover).Holiday Decorating Care Package - Organized 31

I also added some festive ribbon that she and her hall mates can use however they want.  I also added a length of holiday fabric that I picked up from the remnant bin at my craft store.  My daughter and hall mates can also use the fabric to creatively decorate.Holiday Decorating Care Package - Organized 31

I added a fleece wreath that my friend Corinne from Wondermom Wannabe  made for me (I think this wreath is so adorable and it’s special since it was made by a friend, so it’s only on loan to my daughter) and a holiday box of tissues.  And I added some cards from family and friends to surprise my daughter.Holiday Decorating Care Package - Organized 31

Do you know a college student or a deployed soldier who would appreciate their own Holiday Decorating Care Package?Holiday Decorating Care Package - Organized 31


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  1. What a great idea! Now your “baby” has items from home that will make her think of you and the rest of the family, but also that she can create her own decorations with. You are a great Mom (and I am sure she knows it!)

  2. Hi Susan – You are the BEST.MOM.EVER. I remember this was always a hard time of year in college – close to the holidays… finals… this will definitely give your daughter some great cheer! Hugs, Holly

  3. This is such a good idea. I remember being a college student and how much I enjoyed getting care packages. This is a great spin on the traditional care package and I’m sure your “baby” will love it!

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