Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit for the Holidays

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Have you ever had a situation where something you already know is really driven home in a fresh way? Reinforced stronger than it was before?  That happened for me last weekend as my family volunteered with a local charity helping to renovate a home for an impoverished family.  Through volunteer work I’ve done in the past working with at-risk families, I know that purchasing cleaning supplies is often difficult for families on a limited budget.  But last weekend I saw first-hand some of the real difficulties that this family faced in keeping their home clean.  For that reason, I encourage you to join me and donate a floor cleaning kit this holiday season.Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad
I’ve volunteered at a food pantry and know that SNAP benefits (Food Stamps) do not cover the cost of cleaning supplies.  These are items that are rarely donated to food pantries (and are much-needed).  That means that a family on a limited income must find a way to purchase cleaning supplies, which can be a challenge.  The family we worked with last weekend was living in a house that is at least 80 years old and has been neglected over the years.  The floors are old, old, old and have seen many years of rough use.  Cleaning the house, but the floors in particular, is a big challenge for this family.  Couple that floor cleaning challenge with a limited budget and you have one big cleaning challenge.  All week-long, I’ve been thinking about this family and how they’re not the only family facing the same challenge. 

Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit

I wanted to send good wishes to the family along with the cleaning supplies, so I printed out this tag, added a bow and …Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

…tied it to the handle of a spray mop. I really like the spray mop because it can clean many different flooring surfaces and it keeps your hands clean while you’re mopping.Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

To complete the floor cleaning kit, I added a bucket and filled it with multi-purpose floor cleaner (that will clean many different types of flooring surfaces), some microfiber cloths and a refill pad for the spray mop.Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

I have a confession.  I opened the O-Cedar spray mop that was intended as a donation.  I was intrigued by the handle and spray trigger button. I just had to try it out.  I have had carpal tunnel symptoms in the past and am always looking for more comfortable tools.  I found the handle to be really comfortable and the trigger button easy to use and it cleaned my wood floors easily.  I’m so happy to find a comfortable spray mop, that I don’t even feel guilty about keeping the donation mop.Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Luckily, I can easily pick up a new mop to donate the next time I’m at Walmart, which with a family of 5 is quite often.

 I already have the rest of the kit ready, so once I pick up another  spray mop, I’ll be ready to donate a floor cleaning kit for the holidays.Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Next time you’re planning to make a donation to your local food pantry, I encourage you to donate a floor cleaning kit.  These items are rarely donated and are much-needed by the folks coming to food pantries.  Will you join me?

Donate a Floor Cleaning Kit - Organized 31 #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

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  1. I love how convenient the ProMist looks and love that it’s comfortable to use as well. I know I’ve gotten blisters from having to push a little aggressively to get dirt up. And what a creative idea to donate! #client

  2. What a great idea. I know that it can be hard to afford cleaning supplies for many. Making a great package like this is the perfect solotuion

  3. What a great idea. I would have never even thought that this would be something they needed. I have carpal tunnel issues too and this mop is so easy on the hands.

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  5. Thanks for this great idea. I think I will make up a few buckets for a party I am going to next month for a housing board that I am on. We hold a holiday party and we bring gifts to give the tenants of the affordable housing homes around our city. Maybe for some other holiday gift donations too. Nothing like taking a great idea and running with it! šŸ™‚

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you can use this idea. I know that it will be greatly appreciated. Have fun at your party and keep doing such important and good work, Christine.

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