Green College Care Package Idea

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If you’ve heard me say this once, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times – I miss my “oldest baby” who is away at college. Much too far away. It’s her second year at college and I’ve gotten used to missing her, but I don’t miss her any less. One of the ways I deal with how much I miss my “baby” is by sending her care packages. I jump on any and every reason to send care packages. I also enjoy sending them to my friends’ college-aged children. My friend, J.’s, son is attending a college with green as a main school color. I thought it would be fun to create a green college care package idea centered around the color green to celebrate his school colors and St. Patrick’s Day at the same time. 

open box filled with green gift and food items and some items spilling out onto table

Creating a green color-themed college care package is easier than you might think. Head to the big box store, dollar store, office supply store and grocery store to look for green items. 

Green College Care Package Idea

Homemade glycerin soap

Bouncy Ball

Fun Erasers

Pens, Pencils

Paper Clips

Note Pads

Organizing Baskets

Decorated Big Bag of Candy – I purchase candy at the after-holiday sales

Individual Candy


Drink Packets

Chip Packs

Tuna Packs

Granola Bars


collage of 5 images of green gift and snack items

Hair Gadgets

overhead view of green items spilling out of green polka dot bag

To make this green college care package idea a bit more fun, I put the gift items in an easy-to-make best gift bag. 

close up of open box filled with green gift items on white wood table

What green college care package idea items have I forgotten to add? I’m so excited to send this care package off to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a green-themed college care package. I’ll be creating more color-themed college care packages now that I know how fun they are to make. 

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collage of 4 images of colorful college care packages

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  1. LOL. When I read the title, I thought “green” in terms of earth-friendly and was curious what was going to be in the care package that a college student would be excited about. This green is much more fun! I’m going to throw one of these together today for my own baby who I’m also missing. He’s going to love it!

    1. I wondered about that when I was titling it, but green-themed was just too cumbersome. I know your “baby” will enjoy his “green” care package.

  2. What a fun package! My alma mater’s colors are green and silver, so this is close to my heart. I think it is really sweet that you are sending your friend’s son a care package šŸ™‚

  3. What a beautiful, thoughtful idea. My oldest baby will be off to University in September and I’m going to go quietly insane missing him. He’s definitely going to get a care package. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. Sending care packages helps me deal with missing my “baby” so much. If you need mom support next September, I’m here and know what it’s like to send your baby away to college.

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